Paterson police arrest 2, seize 2 pounds of marijuana from idling car | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 2, seize 2 pounds of marijuana from idling car


Police arrested a New York and a Lodi man on Friday night and seized 2 pounds of marijuana in a bust on North 10th Street, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Keith Chandler, 26, of New City, NY; and Steven Baker, 22, of Lodi, were inside a silver vehicle with out of state plates idling in the roadway at the intersection of North 10th and Temple Streets impeding flow of traffic at 11:30 p.m.

Detective from the Gang Enforcement Unit approached the vehicle on foot and detected a strong odor of raw marijuana. A dark duffle bag containing a plastic bag inside was observed behind the driver, Baker, that contained 2 pounds of marijuana, said police.

Police also confiscated $1,005 in cash from the vehicle, said the director. Detectives arrested Chandler and Baker. Both, the front passenger and the driver, were charged with marijuana possession and intent to distribute, said police.

Detective sergeant Richard LaTrecchia and detectives William Hermann and Jose Torres were responsible for the bust.

“This is indicative of the team work at the Paterson Police Department and the tireless efforts by its members in making a drug-free city,” said Speziale.

  • Joey Hoe-rres

    No way, i dont know who i feel more bad for… the marijuana or the 2 guys who basically have the next few years of their lives ruined with a petty charge relating to something Torres and Speziale could grow in their backyard…. sad day for weed and these 2 guys.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    We should follow the Uruguayan model. Put potency limits, take away the $ from the criminals , save on incarceration/court costs, focus on dangerous drugs like heroin, raise tax revenue, and dont make legalization a corporate money grab like out west. Make it a mom and pop industry to help the dying middle class