Paterson paying $610,000 to settle case in which police officers were taped viciously beating handcuffed suspects | Paterson Times

Paterson paying $610,000 to settle case in which police officers were taped viciously beating handcuffed suspects


The city is paying $610,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed by two men who alleged police officers viciously attacked them while handcuffed in an incident that was captured on surveillance camera.

Council members approved settling the lawsuit filed by Alexis Aponte and Miguel Rivera without making any public comments on Wednesday evening following a closed-door meeting with police brass.

Aponte and Rivera were pulled over outside of 220 Kearney Street on September 3rd, 2013 at about 3 a.m.

Police ordered Aponte, who was the passenger, out of the vehicle. He was handcuffed. He was then “assaulted and battered” by a dozen police officers in front of his house. Aponte was “punched and kicked multiple times while handcuffed and almost knocked unconscious,” reads the lawsuit.

Aponte was dragged by his feet on the sidewalk, says the lawsuit. Rivera, driver of the vehicle, was dragged out of the vehicle and “continuously beaten and kicked” by the police officers. Both men say they were “were handcuffed, lying on the ground and completely helpless” when the vicious beating occurred.

The council approved the settlement in an 8-0 vote in a special meeting on Wednesday night.

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  • Donald Trump.


    You did a TERRIBLE miscarriage of journalism here.
    You said the name of the victims, but no mention of the names of the POLICE!
    These criminal cops names should be headlines.
    They should be arrested, tried and sent to Rahway State Prison and put into general population.
    If they survive, after jail, be sent to anger management classes.
    Then 10 years of closely supervised probation.
    The victims should file a civil lawsuit against these "Peace Officers".
    Then, when these "peace officers" lose their case, be ordered by the court to pay restitution
    out of their pay or any sell off any other possessions of their worth- Homes, Investments Etc.
    This is after all how the courts treat street and domestic criminals,
    Why should ex-cops be given any leniency?
    In fact, these offenders, because they are supposed to be setting an example,
    They should be given the maximum penalty's to deter any other cops from acting in this manner.
    This is a free admission of these cops guilt, the City paying the victims $610,000.
    Let it be shown to the public that we can trust the system to do the right thing for the public.

    • Hillary Rothschild

      I agree with you. These damn cops show no remorse and they keep abusing the little power they have, they let it get to their heads cause theyre unhappy with life, someones fucking their wife, dicks too small, steroids having thier affects. They should be punished financially for this crime. It should be deducted over time from their payrolls so long as they want to remain a cop. The state of NJ has to do a better job managing these cases, they dont seem to stop and they keep putting broke cities into even bigger holes of debt. Not all cops are bad, we know. But pigs are what these clowns are.