Paterson police arrest 12, seize $9,000 cash in 12th Avenue drug raid | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 12, seize $9,000 cash in 12th Avenue drug raid


Detectives raided an apartment complex on Tuesday morning arresting 12 people and seizing 627 baggies of crack-cocaine, according to police.

Police confiscated $9,000 in suspected drug money during the raid at 44 12th Avenue, said police director Jerry Speziale. He said detectives raided the housing complex at about 9:30 a.m.

City residents Jirell Williams, 32; Trayvon Sparks, 26; Dequanis Hughes, 20; William Harrington, 35; Jessica Holmes, 28; and Milan M. Tobdzic, 50, were arrested in the raid, said police.

Also arrested were Joshua Nasha, 43, of New York City; Michael Lopez, 34, of Lyndhurst; Jeffrey Laquwe, 29, of Midland Park; James Ramundo, 41, of Ridgewood; Daniel Oniszeruk, 31, of Fair Lawn; and Michael Oniszeruk, 30, of Fair Lawn.

Williams, Sparks, Hughes, Harrington, and Holmes were charged with 17 drug offenses. Police said they had 627 baggies of crack-cocaine.

Police confiscated $8,100 from Holmes.

Nasha, Lopez, Laquwe, Ramundo, the two Oniszeruks, and Tobdzic are accused of buying from the location.

“The investigation focused on the demand of illegal drug sales and then targeted those responsible for the distribution and supply of illegal drugs,” said Speziale. He said police began the undercover investigation after receiving community complaints of drug sales at the location.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Wasnt too hard for the cops , all they had to do was follow the white people to the trap spot, and see that they entered and left in 2 minutes flat. doesnt take a genius to figure out they werent paying their PSEG bill