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Paterson approves $193,000 contract for dog park construction


The city’s dog owners will soon get a park on River Street to let their canines off the leash.

Council members approved a $193,000 contract to build a dog park last Tuesday. Federal grant money from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) is being used to pay for the construction of the park on River Street between Lawrence and Montgomery Streets.

The park is one of three promised by mayor Jose “Joey” Torres. His administration set aside $400,000 in grant money last year for the dog park, a skateboard park on 21st Avenue, and a park for children with disabilities at Westside Park.

Six companies submitted bids ranging from $193,000 to $694,889 for the construction of the park.

Edison-based V & K Construction Inc. was selected as the “lowest responsible bidder” and awarded the $193,000 contract.

Colonia-based Tony & Sons Inc. submitted the highest bid of $694,889 for the project, according to city records.

The council awarded $125,000 in contracts for the skateboard park on 21st Avenue and the Route 80 overpass in late October of 2016. $99,744 went to Joplin, Mo.-based  American Ramp Company for ramps and $25,500 to Wallington-based Smith-Sondy Asphalt Construction for paving.

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  • Plumber

    another retarded decision made by dumb ass torres, a dog park yea right, unbelievable, that's exactly what Paterson needs, waste of money again, another park where drug dealers, prostitutes, and homeless can set up shop, which will then tie up the police and so on and so on, and folks will probably stop or never use because of these issue's, man when are they going to put this idiot in jail, this is the stupidest idea so far.

    • Shonda Nall

      It seems like they are trying the gentrification of Paterson!!! Wake up people, it's a slow but steady process!!!

    • bluesscout

      born n raised in paterson i left 17yrs ago for pennsy.when i walk my dog i pick his stuff up with little dog baggies from the dollar store.friends with every other home owner on block.left all that in paterson.not the town i was born n raised in when i came back from army.
      i knew joey torres when he had a liquor store on presidential and west broadway.also purchasing agent when i did water treatment for housing authority.
      i spoke to my aunt who still works the courthouse for judge.glad i got the hell outta there

  • MovieFan_76

    Eww, I wouldn't take my dog anywhere near River street.