Paterson’s drug sweep nets 18 arrests, more than 500 packets of heroin | Paterson Times

Paterson’s drug sweep nets 18 arrests, more than 500 packets of heroin


The city’s weekly drug sweep yielded 18 arrests, 514 glassines of heroin, and $5,474 in suspected drug money, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police also seized 41 baggies of marijuana and 1 small zip-lock baggie of powdered cocaine in their drug busts throughout the city from February 13th through 20th, 2017.

City residents arrested were Dabarr M. Jones, 28, of Warren Street; Ewan Gordon aka “DaDa,” 22, of Harrison Street; Alexis Laluz, 57, of Main Street; Lee D. Ramos, 36, of Marshall Street; Kiante Izquierdo, 20, of North 3rd Street; a 17-year-old boy; Timothy K. Shaw, 31, of Warren Street; and Jare I. Adams, 28, of East 35th Street.

Also arrested were Daniel S. Conrad, 28, of Wantage; Jonathan F. Garcia, 31, of Palisades Park; Nhazir J. Briggs-Smith, 18, of Elmwood Park; Samantha L. Evers, 28, of Nutley; Eric T. Hunter, 49, of Newark; Stephen Burack, 30, of Hackensack; Juan F. Rivera, 33, of Newark; David Pleskach, 30, of Haskell; Anthony Stalter, 36, of Wharton; and Erin Bruno, 32, of Hopatcong.

Police arrested Conrad, Garcia, and Briggs–Smith on Park Avenue and East 25th Street on Feb. 13th, 2017.

Briggs–Smith was charged with having 80 glassines of heroin and selling 30 to Conrad and Garcia.

Briggs–Smith was charged with five drug offenses. Conrad and Garcia were each charged with three drug offenses, said police.

$893 was taken from Briggs–Smith.

Evers and Hunter were caught on Feb. 14, 2017 at 21st and Vreeland Avenues, said police. Hunter was charged with having 65 glassines of heroin and 1 small sandwich bag of heroin.

Hunter allegedly sold 60 glassines to Evers. He was charged with eight drug offenses including drug paraphernalia possession, said police. $3,213 in drug money was seized from him.

Evers was charged with four drug offenses. She was also charged with eluding and endangering the welfare of a child. She led police on a short chase with a young child in the back seat, police said.

Burack was charged with having 30 glassines of heroin on Carlisle Avenue and Ramsey Street on Feb. 15, 2017.

Jones and Gordon were caught at 428 10th Avenue on the same day. Jones was caught with 6 baggies of marijuana. Gordon had 9 baggies of crack-cocaine, 1 zip-lock bag of marijuana, said police.

Gordon was charged with eight offenses including resisting arrest by force and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to police.

Laluz and Ramos were arrested at Mill and Slater Streets on Feb. 16th, 2017. Both were charged with having 2 baggies of crack-cocaine. Police said Ramos sold two baggies to Laluz.

Ramos was charged with three drug offenses; Laluz was charged with only possession. $360 in drug money was seized from Ramos, said police.

Rivera was arrested on the same day at 515 Summer Street with 18 baggies of marajuana and 1 zip-lock baggie of powdered cocaine, said police.

Rivera was charged with five drug offenses, said police.

Pleskach, Stalter, Bruno, and Izquierdo were arrested on Feb. 17th, 2017.

Izquierdo had 10 glassines of heroin and sold to Stalter and Bruno, said police. He was charged with three drug offenses.

Pleskach was charged with having 9 glassines of heroin, said police.

The 17-year-old boy, Shaw, and Adams caught at 43 Rosa Parks Boulvard. The boy is accused of having 1 baggie of marijuana he allegedly bought from Shaw.

Shaw and Adams had 320 glassines of heroin and 5 baggies of marijuana, said police. He was charged with 10 offenses including resisting arrest, destruction of evidence.

Shaw had $822 in suspected drug money that was seized. $186 was taken from Adams.

“The increased pressure by the narcotics division is indicative of the tireless efforts of a zero tolerance for illegal drug activity in our city,” said Speziale.