Letter: Governor’s budget address just more typical Christie bluster | Paterson Times

Letter: Governor’s budget address just more typical Christie bluster


Yesterday Governor Chris Christie delivered his final budget address in Trenton.  Much of Governor Christie’s speech was a self-proclaimed victory lap for all of his perceived “Wins” for our state. As a public employee and a taxpayer, I can assure you that not one single policy has changed my family’s life for the better. 

The entire Christie administration has been publicly shamed with scandals throughout his first and second terms in office. I have to imagine that Union “Scab” Sweeney sold his soul, principles, and fellow union brothers and sisters out in the hope of riding what he perceived to be a one-way ticket to the governor’s office. Little did he know that the wave of “popularity” that he hoped to ride suddenly crashed leaving him without the political muscle he felt he possessed.  It has been enjoyable to watch Sweeney’s political aspirations fade away.

Christie’s budget address was nothing more than typical Christie bluster. This Governor has never truly worked a day in his life.  While the working man and woman struggled to make ends meet during his tenure as Governor, Christie enjoyed NJ State Police helicopter rides, trips around the globe, an embarrassing run for President, and appearances on late night television and sport radio programs. He even enjoyed the glitz and glamor of Disney while NJ was hit with a huge snow event leaving the state paralyzed.  Appropriately, that is why he now enjoys the lowest approval rating of any NJ Governor in recent memory.

I am excited about the end of Governor Christie’s last day in office. On my desk and our web-site, we developed a countdown clock.  May Chris Christie’s future employer be as miserable to him as he was to all of the public employees in the State of New Jersey. Perhaps we will all be treated to his future employer creating a YouTube hit informing him, “Chris, You’re Fired.”

John McEntee, Jr.
President of the Paterson Education Association