Paterson’s weekly drug sweep nets 22 arrests, more than 600 packets of heroin | Paterson Times

Paterson’s weekly drug sweep nets 22 arrests, more than 600 packets of heroin


Police arrested 22 people on various drug related offenses in their weekly citywide drug enforcement operations, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

623 glassines of heroin, 301 Alprazolam pills, 46 baggies of crack-cocaine, 19 Xanax pills, 2 knotted bags of marijuana, 1 baggie of marijuana, 2 bags of powdered cocaine, and 7 vials of crack-cocaine were seized in the sweep from March 28th through April 3rd, 2017.

Police also seized $1,969 in cash.

City residents arrested were Angelo M. Costa, 27, of Paterson Avenue; Louis Rodriguez, 28, of Slater Street; Qadir R. McCrae, 22, of Van Houten Street; Daniel Vasquez, 31, of Mill Street; Evelyn Garcia, 54, Trenton Avenue; Carlos Rodriguez, 44, of Marshall Street; Yesenia Benavides, 32, of Mill Street; Nathaniel Brunson, 27, of Lafayette Street; Derrick A. Hicks, 47, of Godwin Avenue; Reginald Rump, 29, of Dale Avenue; Elisa Zambrana, 36, of Marshall Street; Diany Garcia, 19, of Bloomfield Avenue; and William O. Batista, 29, of Straight Street.

Others arrested were Brian P. Tortorella, 35, of Caldwell; Esther McMillan, 56, of Hackensack; Giovanni D. Zarro, 33, of Cliffside Park; Matthew Albanese, 29, of Cliffside Park; Ronnie Sherter, 34, of Hillsboro; Devaughne L. Galvert, 27, of Hackensack; Joshua Cree, 37, of River Edge; Cesar Antonio Parras-Ponce, 30, of Waldwick; and a 16-year-old Garfield boy.

Tortorella and Costa were arrested on Marion and Jane Streets on March 28th, 2017.

Police charged Tortorella with having 10 glassines of heroin that he allegedly bought from Costa.

Costa was charged with having 50 glassines of heroin and selling 10 to Tortorella. He was charged with five drug charges, said police.

McMillan was arrested with 1 baggie of marijuana on the same day at 464 11th Avenue, said police.

Police arrested Rodriguez at 459 11th Avenue. He allegedly had 230 glassines of heroin. He was charged with a total of three drug offenses, said police.

Zarro and Albanese were each charged with having 31 glassines of heroin at 11th Avenue and East 37th Street.

Police said Sherter had 70 glassines of heroin on Manor Road and East 35th Street. He was charged with three drug offenses.

McCrae was arrested at 301 Van Houten Street on March 29th, 2017. He allegedly had 150 glassines of heroin, 301 prescription Alprazolam pills, said police.

McCrae was charged with nine offenses including resisting arrest by flight. $386 in cash was taken from him.

Galvert was arrested at 385 11th Avenue with 2 knotted bags of marijuana. $676 in drug money was seized from Galvert. Galvert was charged with three drug offenses.

Vasquez, Garcia, Rodriguez, and Benavides was arrested on March 30th, 2017 at 173 Mill Street. Vasquez allegedly had 34 glassines of heroin, 16 baggies, 1 knotted bag of crack-cocaine, and 19 prescription Xanax pills.

Police charged Vasquez with 12 drug charges. $186 in drug money was taken from him. He allegedly sold drugs to Garcia.

Garcia was charged with nine drug charges. $306 was taken from Garcia.

Rodriguez was charged with loitering to commit a drug offense and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Benavides was charged with having 11 baggies and 1 knotted bag of crack-cocaine, said police. Benavides was charged with four drug offenses.

Cree and Brunson were arrested at 321 Fair Street. Police said Brunson had 21 glassines of heroin that he allegedly sold to Cree.

Brunson was charged with four drug offenses. Cree was charged with possession.

Hicks and Rump were arrested at 42 Auburn Street on March 31st, 2017. Police charged Hicks with 4 glassines of heroin and Rump with 3 glassines of heroin.

Zambrana and Diany Garcia were arrested at 320 Grand Street on April 3rd, 2017.

Diany Garcia was charged with five drug offenses. Diany Garcia had 12 baggies of crack-cocaine, said police. 1 baggie was sold to Zambrana, said police.

Zambrana was charged with crack-cocaine possession.

$415 in drug money was seized from Diany Garcia, said police.

Parras-Ponce, Batista, and the 16-year-old were arrested at 15 Park Avenue. Batista was charged with four drug offenses. Batista allegedly had 2 baggies of powdered cocaine that he sold to Parras-Ponce.

Parras-Ponce was charged with possession.

The 16-year-old was charged with eight drug offenses. He allegedly had 30 glassines of heroin, 7 baggies, and 7 vials of crack cocaine.