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School employee praises Paterson’s building department


I must share an unexpected pleasant experience that I had with the Division of Community Improvements located at 111 Broadway in the City of Paterson.

My name is Petra Efelis, I am the Wellness Coordinator for Paterson Public Schools and I am in charge of completing the application for a food program for our schools. The crucial part of the application package was to submit a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy for each applying school.  When I inquired about these documents from our in-house in-charge personnel, I was given phone number 973-321-1232 and one comment “Good Luck!”

I did not dial the phone number but instead I drove to 111 Broadway Street. I had no appointment but I took my chances at least to find out in person how to obtain these state required documents.

The front desk of the Community Improvements was crowded on both sides. I stood in line for a few minutes and I immediately noticed the efficiency of the personnel. In a matter of minutes I was greeted by a Mr. Jerry Lobozzo.  Despite the fact that Mr. Lobozzo was in the process of helping another person who had an appointment, he assured me that he would help me and asked me to give him a few minutes.

When he returned he was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience.  Not only did he explain in detail what the reason was that most of the schools didn’t have CO’s, but he called me into his co-workers’ office across the hall to brainstormed about this issue and how to resolve it.

I was provided with very helpful advice and was about to leave when he suggested that if needed he would provide me with an official letter stating the reason for non-existing CO’s in the district as a support of our application.

Mr. Lobozzo went above and beyond his responsibilities in order to help me and our district. He has a caring approach and is a true professional.

My experience was proof that me or anyone else who enters this operation does not need a “good luck” wish – it is the staff who gets the job done!

I would like to express my gratitude towards Mr. Lobozzo and staff.

When people receive bad customer service they are always too fast to complain but it is very rare we hear about great customer service, so I felt I needed to send this letter via email.

Petra Efelis
Wellness Coordinator for Paterson Public Schools