State cites 15 businesses, including 5 in Paterson, for allegedly failing to disclose prep, handling of halal food | Paterson Times

State cites 15 businesses, including 5 in Paterson, for allegedly failing to disclose prep, handling of halal food


The state cited 15 businesses, including 5 in Paterson, for allegedly failing to disclose preparation and handling of food sold or served as halal, meat prepared in accordance with Islamic law, in the run-up to the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, announced New Jersey attorney general Christopher Porrino.

Businesses are required to disclose practices related to the slaughter, preparation, and handling of food represented as halal. In this case, the 15 businesses have allegedly failed to properly disclose their practices as required by New Jersey’s Halal Food Consumer Protection Act and the Halal Food Regulations, according to the state.

The state is not defining the religious designation of “halal,” but the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act requires businesses to live up to their halal promise by disclosing certain information to consumers like whether the food sold as halal contains pork products, alcohol, or was prepared using same or separate cutting boards, refrigerators, as used for non-halal foods.

“Consumers shopping for halal foods, especially during Ramadan, must be able to trust that the foods they buy meet their personal standards and interpretation of Islamic dietary guidelines,” said Porrino. “By inspecting halal food establishments in the weeks before this important Muslim holiday, we are reminding vendors of their legal obligation to fully disclose the information shoppers need to buy with confidence.”

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Protection’s Halal Enforcement Unit inspected 110 establishments throughout the states ranging from businesses in Passaic County down to Camden County. In addition to disclosing their practices to consumers, the businesses are required to file with the state.

The 15 businesses that allegedly failed to disclose their halal practices were each issued notice of violation that carry a $500 civil penalty. The five businesses cited in Paterson, which has the largest Muslim population in New Jersey, were:

  • Al Hilal Meat & Fish Market in Paterson
  • Al-Kumah Restaurant & Halal Meat in Paterson
  • Banglatown Supermarket in Paterson
  • Paradise Halal Meat (two stores) in Paterson
  • Star Halal Meat in Paterson.

“Our laws help ensure a fair and honest marketplace in the sale of halal foods and these disclosure statements are essential to that goal,” said Steve Lee, director of the Division of Consumers Affairs. “Not only do the signs establish the transparency shoppers are entitled to, but also inspectors use the information to hold halal food dealers accountable for living up to the claims they’re making.”

Other businesses cited by the state were:

  • Indian Villa in Cherry Hill
  • Amin’s Chinese Halal Restaurant in Jersey City
  • Red Chutney in Iselin
  • Shalimar Grill & Restaurant in Iselin
  • Sahara Restaurant Bakery in New Brunswick
  • Mirichi Indian Homestyle Cuisine in North Brunswick
  • Negeen Persian Grill in Summit
  • Café Colore Italiano in Monmouth Junction
  • Pasha USA in Bayonne.

Muslims kick-off the month of fasting from dawn till dusk starting this Friday.

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  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Al Hilal and al Kumah definitely serve Halal products they are meat markets and there in no pork or alcohol anywhere near the meat. Just just didn't put up a sign saying what Halal is.. BUT I cant get a bacon or Taylor ham and egg sandwich in the area now that Getty Grill and the Egg Platter are gone .

    • Mimi

      Halal doesn't mean "no pork" it means its hand slaughtered according to the Islamic law.

      • Muhammad Tawsif

        Absolutely Right

  • Missy Allan

    This is definitely BS and whoever wrote this article should be ashamed of theirself! Just 2 days ago the Alhilal and Al kumah received a passed Halal inspection and the certificate is hung on the wall for everyone to view.

  • Betty

    Halal means no pork and handled according to Islamic law

  • Abdelgawad Elsayed

    only one thing to say, what do you know about halal, shame on you for writing fake and false informations. i am wondering since when the state care about muslims, they only care about money, taxes, donations and fines to suck from us. im the owner of paradise halal meat, we are the first halal meat market in east rial way ave paterson. we have been serving our muslim community for decades and with no doubt our products are million % halal. we do not care about what you say, because we fear Allah not your damn law , we are treating Allah not people. just to let you know im gonna law suit you for publishing false information and close your damn newspaper. one last question; what is your religion, and do you eat from burger king or not?

    • Paul Schlacter

      You were cited by the Attorney General in New Jersey, if you really want to clear your name you should fight back against the citation……..or you couldve just provided the evidence when they asked for it……hum maybe you dont sell halal and thats why you couldnt provide it before?

    • Laila

      You need to stop lying about your non halal meat astaghfer Allah .the state does not lie about people. They are absolutely right. You need to close the store and make Tasha.

      • Laila

        Tawba not tasha

  • Abdelgawad Elsayed

    anyone of our customers that shop at paradise halal meat has the right to come to us, so we can prove that our meat is always fresh and hand slaughter and halal 100000000000%

    • Laila

      Alhamdolliha that you got caught.Allah akber. And want to tell you that Mr.John was right

    • Ahmad

      Alhamdulliah they finally caught you Abdelgawad. You are a con artist and theif. You have robbed people many times. Allah is going to keep punishing you and soon you will be out of business. Everyone in paterson knows that you are an unfair man. Even the police department knows.

    • Ahmad

      You're a liar, stop with the lies. You dishonor checks left and right. You should be in Jail.

  • John

    Ok i see

  • John

    U finally got caught

  • John

    I knew you were serving non halal meet i saw u guys buying meet from menella chicken and restaurant depot finally finally if we cant do anything go face Allah he know everything u cant hide from allah

  • Mohammad Atif

    we are asking the wrong questions. the question shouldn't be is the meat is halal? the question should be if the Meat is zabiha. to the Arab's halal and zabiha are two different things and we need to be clear on that part when we ask these questions. so i will ask this question to all of the 15 store cited in this post. are the meats you serve is zabiha halal?

  • Awais Khan

    Paradise doesn't sell all Halal. Because he can't buy Halal he cheated all the suppliers for money. It's good to know you got caught Abdul. Shame on you. Allah will punish you in Ramadan inshallah. Your a crook and a thief.

  • HVAC NJ8

    Everyone should post a negative comment on this guys google review.

  • Haroon Rashid

    I count total14, where is 15 one ?