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Suicidal woman disarmed by Paterson police officers


Police officers disarmed a reportedly suicidal city woman armed with a loaded Glock 17 on Broadway on Sunday morning, according to police.

Destinee Roberson, 22-year-old, was sitting on the ground on the side of the building at 680 Broadway. Police officers observed the woman was pregnant and the butt of a handgun was visible on her lap under her hand. She was attempting to conceal the handgun with a blanket, said police.

Police officers Sterluis Castillo and Jonathan Bustios calmly spoke to the woman and then quickly moved in. Her hands were restrained and a handgun with an extended magazine was secured.

The officers were backed up by patrol units. A loaded Glock 17 with 21 bullets, both hollow point and regular ammunition, was seized. The magazine was capable of holding 32 rounds, said police.

Roberson was placed under arrest and taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment. She was charged with four weapons charges, according to police. Police verified that the woman had no firearms registered in her name.

“The officers saw the situation for what it was and were able to quickly end a potentially dangerous situation,” said police director Jerry Speziale.

  • Dominick Perez

    She was obviously crying out for help, and instead of getting help she's going to jail what a system.

    • John

      She could have hurt the other people around her. She was found on Broadway, which is a busy and populated street.

      • Dominick Perez

        So then they should've put her in the nuthouse not the jailhouse