Paterson teen suspended after aggressively shoving, cursing at School 8 vice principal, police report | Paterson Times

Paterson teen suspended after aggressively shoving, cursing at School 8 vice principal, police report


A 13-year-old girl has been suspended for shoving the vice principal of School 8 multiple times while swearing at him, according to a police report of the incident.

Raul Guzman, vice principal of School 8, was dealing with the belligerent teen on Monday, June 5th, 2017. “As all the students were outside the cafeteria preparing to go to class” at about 1:19 p.m., the 13-year-old, “was out of line and refusing to follow instructions given by Mr. Guzman,” reads the police report.

The girl tried to walk away from the class; Guzman opened his arms in an attempt to prevent her from walking away, says the report. The girl “shoved him multiple times” while stating “F*ck you!” She also began flailing her arms in a violent manner, says the police report.

Guzman was attempting to restore order when the incident occurred, says the report. He has been with the district for 17 years, according to district data. The girl was released to her mother, says the report. She was suspended from school following the incident, according to the district.

Police categorized the incident at the Chadwick Street school as an assault.

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  • Plumber

    That's hard to believe the majority of the
    students in the paterson school systems are so well behaved. Let's see the parent will probably sue the school system because the child acted out as a result of the treatment she recieved from school officials or what ever these scumbag lawyers invent for a defense. Guess what this little girl acted out the way she did learning these types of reactions from her parents. If that was my daughter I would have beat her azz right at school in front of everyone so she can learn how to respect authority something she lacks. Kids now and days are off the hook

    • Wanda melendez

      Nice to see this article * i am the parent of the teen girl as I read this I'm not disappointed everyone has there side of story also has the right to confront how they feel towards any situation as I say if you let someone disrespect you more then once is going to be a continues​ he been had an issue towards her definitely he has lack of communication he had to stablish the issue wen he first felt violence ….to make myself clear as if whoever was wrong I made my child apologize fr her behavior I have two written strory's from students and this story is completely opposite but as her mother I went in the school#8 not accepting the suspension cuz of lack of communication an ass whooping does not suggest a change of attitude just brings in more anger that was never understood .. I could've took it further in any matter I left it alone …made him understand that if he had any problem don't wait until u have to vent then at least not to me "her mother…I solve the issue in both ways …

      • Wanda

        My child has been a honor roll student since she became a resident to the school "8

        • Stephanie Moore-Maxie

          Congratulations! Great job mom! My niece and nephew went to school 8! They lived on plum street. ♡♡♡♡♡

        • Shelim


          Being an honor roll student does not justify her actions at all. Parents are to blame for the actions of their children. Period….Your the mother and You did the right thing by having her apologize but there is an obvious disconnect between the students and any person authority. Paterson feeds on idiocracy and the city wears it proudly by what they produce in schools, in the streets, and in public office. We are a product of our own environment and until we learn how to produce better human beings, Paterson will remain as is. Change starts at home. So either you join the challenge or remain the problem.

  • Jasmine Bolanos

    She right there always two sides to a story granted many would say the child over reacted and of course the parents are the first to blame but NO one is asking why this child reacted this way.. Everyone has their limits even kids too what did this vice principle do or how did he really handle prior situations to this one cause obviously this was not a first encounter if this child reacted so strongly towards this man, it is for a reason and if it was your child these are the questions you would be asking too instead of blaming the child or the parents or even the neighborhood.. They are some people with authority who just don't know how to apply it correctly so you shouldn't assume it was the child when most likely we haven't been told the whole story..

    • Someone

      True i was a student in that school and they handle everything horribly