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Retired Paterson superintendent getting $32,000 for unused vacation days


Former state-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans is getting $31,926 for 38 unused vacation days, according to a report presented to the school board on Wednesday evening.

Evans is among 34 employees the district is paying $955,849 for unused sick and vacation days. The employees receiving payments for sick and vacation days retired, died, or were laid off effective July 1st, 2017. His salary prior to retirement was $218,000.

The district is paying Evans 840.15 for each unused vacation day. He does not have any accumulated sick days, according to the report.

The largest payout went to the district’s former technology director Dennis Vroegindewey. He received 108,498 for 90 unused sick and 81 vacation days. His 171 days was paid at a $634.49 per day.

Vroegindewey had been working at the district since 1972. His salary last school year was $152,279.

Payments ranged from as low as $2,156 to 108,498.

Put in charge of the Paterson Public Schools in 2009 by Jon Corzine, Evans retired on June 30th, 2017. His tenure saw graduation rates spike from a low of 45-percent to 78-percent. He has received bonuses for making gains in graduation rates and other criteria set in his contract with the New Jersey Department of Education.

Evans is owed his bonus pay for the 2016-17 school year. The state opted not to renew his contract for 2017-18 school year resulting in his retirement.

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