Dominican parade getting $17,000 refund from Paterson after violence shortened festival | Paterson Times

Dominican parade getting $17,000 refund from Paterson after violence shortened festival


After violence cut short the festival that’s tied to the annual Dominican parade, the city is looking to refund $17,325, according to a measure before the city council. The festival organized by the Desfile Dominicano De New Jersey was scheduled to go on from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., but had to be shut down at 6 p.m.

“Roughly 33% of the festival’s allotted time was not conducted,” reads the resolution. A 33-percent refund from the $34,650 the nonprofit organization paid the city to put on the parade and festival amounts to $11,538.

Cutting short the festival also adversely impacted vendors. The early shut down may have resulted in extra costs for the organizer. This consideration boosted the refund amount from 33-percent to 50-percent or $17,325.

The city council was presented with the measure by mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ administration. The council did not discuss the resolution on Tuesday night, but will have to take a vote on it next week.

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  • No More

    it's time to shut down this celebration of debauchery for good. No need for this, especially considering the violence and drunkenness and hostility of the crowds to non Hispanics.

    • hairo Rodriguez

      shut the fuck up don't be mad cause were ever u from have no parade we only get 1 danm day of the year so what if we drink and listen to loud music are you paying for the parade no then shut the fuck up

      • Ayeisha Rodriguez

        Lol yes !!!!!

      • Pat.

        Don't fucking act like animals then, Paterson has enough problems as it is. Ppl pissing on the streets, drinking with open containers, blocking the streets like u own the streets. BEHAVE !!!!! but of course if anybody is educated enough would agree if not hairo Rodriguez: you are the result!

    • Pat. Pd

      Don't fucking act like animals then, The city of Paterson has enough problems as it is

  • Anibal Castillo

    Those politicians at the council. Are fast to take. Money but. Slow to give back . the parade sucks seems to be all about. Noise and showing the getto part of Dr instead of the beautifull side of dominicans

    • Pat. Pd

      I wouldn't reimburse the money anyway, by the way to educate you guys. The city of Paterson PAYS for clean up, police security and logistics, bc kidz want to celebrate the independence………act like a responsible human and u will get treat it like one!!!!

  • Maurice

    Its the same as the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn. too much voilence. I know many great honest working dominicans… but in these festivals a few bad apples spoil the bunch for everyone. Sacen eso rastreros de ay. They should set up check points and metal detectors in check in areas. Pero ay mucha gente se cre que esta en Santo domingo barrio todavia