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Judge fines Paterson travel company $277,000, orders closure


A Paterson-based travel company has been ordered to cease operation and pay $277,000 for defrauding customers, according to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

Denyse H. Turner, owner of RX 4 Fun Travel, violated New Jersey consumer protection laws by accepting payments for travel and vacation planning services like hotels, flights, and cruise reservation only to fail to make arrangements or cancel after getting payments from customers, according to the ruling issued by Passaic County judge Thomas J. Laconte on Monday.

“Consumers who purchase vacation packages deserve to enjoy their time away, not end up stuck at home, dealing with the loss of their hard-earned money,” attorney general Christopher Porrino said. “We’re pleased that the court has approved our legal claims to protect consumers from this kind of blatant consumer fraud.”

Turner accepted payments ranging from $753 to $1,326 per person to make group travel and vacation arrangements for three travel groups made up of 47 consumers, according to the state.

The judge found Turner committed multiple violations of the New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act and Advertising Regulations. She failed to make travel arrangements after getting payments, requested payment after telling customers she had made travel and vacation arrangement when no such arrangements had been made or had been made but cancelled.

Turner also requested additional payments to avoid cancellation of a reservation by airline when in fact no such reservation had been made, according to the state. When customers discovered the fraud, Turner failed to issue refunds after promising to do so.

Turner’s company website (pictured) made false claims like:

  • “We realize that you have worked hard for your vacation – and our goal is to provide the best overall customer service for a meaningful vacation experience at a fantastic value!”
  • “RX 4 Fun Travel LLC places a high value on quality and attention to detail, and will meet or exceed our clients’ expectations by continually updating our knowledge of the travel industry and our skills in the latest travel products and tools.”

“The defendants advertised custom travel experiences at fantastic values, but all consumers got for their money was the runaround,” said Sharon Joyce, acting director of the Division of Consumer Affairs. “As the filing of this action shows, we will not allow unscrupulous travel agents to defraud people out of their vacation funds.”

The company’s website appears to have been taken offline.

Turner and her company were ordered to pay $235,000 civil penalties, $13,880 restitution to 15 consumers that were not able to recoup their losses through their credit companies or other means, and $27,695 in attorney fees and investigative cost to the state.

Turner and the company are permanently barred from advertising, selling, or performing vacation services in New Jersey. She is barred from owning, operating, or managing any vacation business in the state including her other company called With Purpose Events LLC.

Brian Penn of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs conducted the investigation that led to the fines and closure. Deputy attorney general Mark Critchley prosecuted the case.

  • MizRispee

    People like her give such a huge black eye to our travel industry where the vast majority are hardworking, professional, reliable, and responsible agents. Kudos to the state for handing down this award.

    However, better keep an eye on her … I understand through the grapevine that she may have other "businesses" and is continuing her travel advertising. She might have crossed over state lines to do so.
    Be wary, consumers!! Due diligence is necessary!

    • MzSCT

      Understanding (hearing) through "the grapevine" doesn't make it true. Be careful not to spread rumors.

      • Constance James

        It's easy to say that she can and most likely will start another travel business outside of NJ.
        Those of us that are in the industry just need to make sure that we don't allow her to attach herself to those of us that are practicing good business and respect for our clients.

        • MzSCT
        • Denyse Haynes Turner

          You are absolutely correct. There are extenuating circumstances. I lost my husband through all of that and HE was my primary concern as I'm sure if you were in similar circumstances, that would be your primary concern.

          Through it all, I just caution people not to spread rumors if you don't know the entire truth. A news article is not always truth. When we judge others, we become like those we judge. Maybe you didn't have this happen but there is always something in our lives that's wrong. Have a great day.

          • Alvin Bethea

            It shouldn't matter what the extenuating circumstances are! There is no excuse for what you did in stealing money from people. You say a news article is not always truth. What is the truth then here? PLEASE TELL US YOUR EXCUSE FOR SCAMMING PEOPLE!

  • Sheila Land

    WOW!!! This is terrible news. I'm soo hurt to see this.

  • Lori Dateno

    And this is why you work with a reputable travel agent (and they do in fact still exist) and not online scammers.

  • MzSCT

    This article isn't entirely true though.

    • Constance James

      If any part of it is true, it's still bad business….

    • Alvin Bethea

      Oh really? Please let us know the whole truth then? I'd love to hear what actually happened that led to Denyse Turner stealing money from her clients.

  • http://pattisprattles.wordpress.com Patti Pietschmann

    My husband and I were burned by a travel agency in Garden City, NY, when we were just out of college and I guess dumb, I wrote about for Newsday and never used a travel agency again. We had booked a three island trip to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacoa and most of it went south.

  • Rick Stoneking Sr.

    I cannot be she was let off that easily. I have no doubt if this had been a man, serious jail time would have been involved. What ever happened to the best criminal justice system in the world. This was a fraud. She stole money. That is a criminal offense. A felony. And if and of the people lived out of state, a federal crime.