Paterson approves $43.33 million temporary budget | Paterson Times

Paterson approves $43.33 million temporary budget


Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ administration secured its second temporary budget early Wednesday morning. Council members approved $43.33 million to cover government operational expenses for October and November.

So far, the city council has approved $114.97 million in temporary appropriations since the start of the 2018 fiscal year in July. At the end of November, the city will have spent 41-percent of its annual budget, according to finance director Margaret Cherone.

Torres’ administration has departmental budget hearings scheduled for October.

It will take months before the city adopts a final budget for 2018 fiscal year. A significant chunk of the city’s budget is provided by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Last year, the city received $25 million from the state government. Often, the aid number delays the adoption of the city’s budget.

The city’s overall budget in fiscal year 2017 was $278.86 million. Municipal portion was $151.3 million.

Council members approved the $43.33 million temporary budget without opposition. The council previously approved $64.34 million for July through September. It also approved an additional $7.29 million in August.

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