Paterson man charged with drug-induced death of West Milford woman | Paterson Times

Paterson man charged with drug-induced death of West Milford woman


A city man was arrested on Thursday morning and charged with the drug-induced death of a West Milford woman, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Cleveland D. Spencer, 26, was arrested in Paterson on charges of strict liability drug-induced death and three drug charges. He is accused of selling the drugs that was ingested by 33-year-old Maryann McKinnon of West Milford causing her death.

Police responded to a report of overdose at Freehold Court in West Milford on June 2, 2017. McKinnon was discovered unconscious and unresponsive. Police unsuccessfully tried to revive her using anti-overdose drug Narcan.

McKinnon was pronounced dead at Chilton Memorial Hospital.

Authorities investigated the drug-induced death and determined Spencer allegedly sold the drugs to McKinnon that led to her death.

In May, McKinnon was among three people arrested by Glen Rock police for heroin possession.

Spencer is scheduled for a hearing before a judge on Friday. Prosecutors will file for pretrial detention.

  • Old man so

    Why is he being charged with murder?? Is he really being charged with MURDER because a herion addict could not controll herself and injected HERSELF with so much dope her heart stoped? Do they charge a car salesman with murder when a person kills them selves cause they drank too much than died? Makes no sense to me. Charge him with drug charges i completely understand if he was selling drugs but to accuse him of homicide is disgusting. This woman would have overdosed no matter who she bought it from cause she was one word…WEAK!

    • Dominick Perez

      Rich white girl duhhh

    • Lady

      You may not like it but it's the law
      maybe you should just not sell drugs that sounds better and comparing drug sales to car sales is ridiculous a person who dies from drinking and driving the sale of the car had nothing to do with it drug sales are illegal use your brain

      • Old man so

        I agree if you take a risk selling drugs and you get cought you should be prosecuted for a DRUG charge,not MURDER! And you missed the point of my car salesman comparison .Now you say you shouldnt sell drugs wich is agreeable, well how about this! Mabey you shouldnt travel many miles to a city you probably lock your doors driving through to buy a substance you are going to cook and inject into your vain! Also is the drug dealer the one plunging the needle? (Another comparison mabey youll get this one) Would they arrest a person who sold a firearm to a person who committed suicide? It seems to me this woman was going to buy the most amount of herion from whoever she could buy it from. Do you honestly think that drug dealer should be accountable for her actions? A drug charge i agree with but homicide? This country is looking for someone to blame and point the finger at due to this epedmic and to make the family be at peace. But in reality the family shouldnt be at peace because somewhere this woman became a dope fiend with no conscience or consideration for any other human being except herself. If you truly believe this guy should be charged with mureder i can only determine 2 things. 1) your not from this city and havent seen what these people are doing to the already distressed neighborhoods. And. 2) your ignorance is bliss

        • Let him rot

          Sorry if you sell someone a hot bag you should be fucked to the fullest extent when they die from it. Plus drug charges and to say "rich white girl" as if a rich "black" "Hispanic" or "Asian" woman wouldn't meet the same fate if they did too much you're a fucking idiot. A life is a life and if you're selling a drug that you know has the potential to kill someone if they do a mg too much and you can't accept the consequence then you probably shouldn't Sell drugs. Yeah maybe an addict will find drugs wherever they must but it's a consequence you accept when you decide to make thousands of dollars in a day destroying thousands of people's lives directly and indirectly. Hopefully he's smiling every day when his life is spent in jail for making money off of death.

          • Old man so

            First of all watch who your talking too! I didnt say "rich white girl" and didnt play the race card once! 2nd of all your ignorant to say "let him rot" drug dealing is a buisness just as alcohol and to tabacco. If you feel drug dealers should be prosecuted cause these lowlife dope heads have no controll then tobacco companies and cigarette suppliers should be prosecuted as well when the consumer catches cancer rite? The problem is no one wants to blame the addict. If this is the case who ever sold her the needle should be accountable also rite?

          • Big Daddy

            I believe all drug dealers are scumbags.

          • Old man so

            But the addict whos nodded in the middle of the street or stealing isnt? Takes two to tango. Sorry but its the truth unless a junkie is tied down and injected by force, they know exactly what can happen with the risk there taking. I know it starts with pills blah blah they can go into a detox before snorting a line of dope wich eventually leads to a needle. Drug dealing is a buisness. An illegal and shady buisness but its a buisness with alot of risks and no 401k. No diffrent from a bookie. Do your research drugs been around since the biblical error. Its nothing more than a bartender. Herion addicts and there family needs to take more responsibility for there actions and accidental overdoses.

    • Oshane smith

      That is my big brother and I totally agree but problem is when they picked him up he had no drugs he was paying a ticket at the court house and heading back home. This is an outrage, they got a tip from someone who said he did it. They go off of word of mouth with no probable cause to arrest him.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        all they had to do was check her cell phone .."yo you around " "yeah how many?" "2 bricks" "OK come through"…if he sold weed no charges would come about, no one ever OD'ed from weed.

      • Old man so

        Just stay strong try to get a lawyer and beat this case!

        • Big Daddy

          Wow, a drug dealer to stay strong. i know it didn't kill her but all drug dealers are scum bags

      • Big Daddy

        he a drug dealer fuck him.