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Inmate sues Paterson alleging police brutality


A man being held at the Passaic County Jail on attempted murder and weapons offenses has filed a lawsuit against the city in federal court alleging police brutality. In his handwritten complaint, Kashief Davis is alleging police officer Edgar Torres kicked and punched him during arrest.

Davis’ complaint states the incident happened on Aug. 20th, 2017. Davis was among three people arrested on that date for allegedly shooting a 17-year-old Michigan girl on Carroll Street and 12th Avenue, authorities said at the time.

Davis claims he was walking in the area when the officer approached him. “I laid flat on my chest and stomach,” reads his complaint, “Off. Torres came up to me and handcuffed me.”

Davis alleges Torres struck him “hard in the head” requiring staples.

The inmate also names St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in his lawsuit. He alleges in his complaint, filed on Oct. 27th, 2017, that a security guard at the hospital also attacked him.

Davis, who is awaiting trial for the attempted murder and weapons charges, is seeking compensation for pain and suffering, according to his complaint.

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  • Ely

    I can smell the BS. he deserves nothing.

  • Billy the Kid

    We need more guys like Edgar Torres. Good work, man!

  • Dingo jones

    Law enforcement is in the business of JUSTICE NOT VENGEANCE. Maybe one day it will be someone you love he arrests

  • Plumber

    so let me get this straight, out of three men arrested only one complained, lookup Kashief Davis just on google he has an extensive criminal history, also during the arrest involving this shooting while trying to escape from police, he shot at the approaching police, yea nice guy, the paper's failed to include this fact, he's a piece of shit who his scumbag lawyer convinced this piece of shit to charge the officer in order to negotiate maybe one or more of these charges if he were to drop the claim of brutality, it's very common, I can't stand for people who attempt to protect these scumbags who manipulate the system, with these retarded comments like he was a victim, how about the victim who was shot, where's her sympathy, freaking society cares more for it's criminals then it's victims, unfreaking believable. Edgar Torres Great Job!!! Keep up the good work.