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Paterson pastor backs Santana for school board


The responsibility of a Pastor is to attend to his flock. The duty of an individual with those responsibilities is to make the right decisions.  Therefore, I am offering my open support to Fannia Santana, to become a member of the Paterson Board of Education.

The premise of my support is based on the quality of Ms. Santana’s proposal and the ability to become one of the best member of that Board. She is the refined product of the system of education of the City. At the moment she’s pursuing graduate studies. I am convinced she will apply some of her acquired knowledge to help improve the conditions of the school system in our city.

Moreover, Ms. Santana represent the uncompromised future that the City of Paterson deserves bringing a breath of freshness to some of the pollution, political mismanagement, and scandals.

Further, the example of humility and capability demonstrated by this candidate convinces my soul.  Her combination of qualities, should be exhibited to the youth of the city. She is indeed someone that must be emulated.

I am in total support to Ms. Fannia Santana to become a member of the Paterson Board of Education. I hope the general public of the City of Paterson will vote for this candidate on November 7th.

Rev. Alejandro Benjamin
Pastor at the Rock of Salvation on 22nd Avenue in Paterson

  • Gabriel Santiago

    And what are her stances on anything again?
    What is her proposal for school board?
    Convincing your soul? Ok how does that improve our schools?

    I wish these submissions were more about the ideology that the candidates are proposing rather than someone's personal adoration for the candidate.