Paterson children won on election day | Paterson Times

Paterson children won on election day


For months the call was made to the residents of Paterson to make the right choice on Election Day as it relates to the board of education elections. Paterson heeded the call. With the return of former Commissioner Kenneth Simmons and reelection of veteran board member Dr. Jonathon Hodges the children indeed won.

The people spoke loudly and clearly, sending a firm message to the political establishment that Paterson is not for sale. We will not be told who to elect.

We will not allow anyone to coerce us with big money, misleading political propaganda or any other tools into electing folks who have no genuine interest in serving our children.

I believe we have seen the dawning of a new day in this city. It is no unproven postulation; Paterson’s children were at risk of being represented by folks who were amenable only to party leadership. Thankfully, the community stood up and pushed back. So much so, that the plans were thwarted.

Our children won on Election Day. It was a big win for them quite frankly. As a community activist, I look forward to continuing to work with the school board in helping to move our children forward the right way.

Thank you, Paterson. Thank you.

Corey Teague
Former school board member