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Paterson recognizes 134 high-achieving students


The city’s school district recognized 134 students last week for doing exceptionally well on state exams.

113 students scored the highest mark, exceeding expectations, on both the English and math sections of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exams. Of those six received a perfect score on English and five scored a perfect on New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK), according to the district.

Additionally, four other students earned a perfect score on English portion of the PARCC and one received a perfect score on the math section. 16 other students in fourth grade secured perfect score on the NJ ASK science.

“We know our students can and will achieve when high educational standards are set and with a strong support system behind them – from their teachers to their administrators,” said acting superintendent Eileen Shafer. “This is our top priority as a school district; and we will ensure that our efforts – at all levels of this organization – are focused on improving academic outcomes for all of our children.”

The students were recognized with certificates on Tuesday evening in a ceremony at the John F. Kennedy High School auditorium. Among the “exceptional achievers” were two students from the Paterson Academy for the Gifted and Talented who outdid all others.

Fifth grader Euribel Diaz secured perfect scores in PARCC English and math as well as NJ ASK science.

Eighth grader Tafsir Ahmed earned perfect scores on both math and English sections of the PARCC.