Paterson group hosting ‘buy black’ bazaar at Masonic Lodge | Paterson Times

Paterson group hosting ‘buy black’ bazaar at Masonic Lodge


Almost three dozen local African-American vendors are putting on a “buy black” bazaar at the Masonic Lodge on Sunday afternoon. Vendors will be selling clothing for both men and women, accessories, art, artisan jewelry, organic body products, food, and books.

Bazar is an effort to promote black entrepreneurship in Paterson. “This initiative recognizes the importance of the economic power of the Black dollar,” said Jaylin Thomas, president of the newly formed Alliance for Sustainable Communities (ASC) which is organizing the bazaar, “and the significance of investing that money into Black businesses.”

Thomas said African-American buying power is expected to hit $1.4 trillion in 2020. She cites a study conducted by the Nielsen.

Among the 30 local merchants will be a child vendor selling slime. Thomas said the bazaar will also assist in raising funds to support local black-owned businesses through grant money in 2018.

“ASC believes providing a platform for businesses to showcase their brand and products is not only an excellent opportunity for consumers to find unique and exciting gifts but also a means to empower our local, Black/African American business owners,” Thomas said.

The bazaar runs from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday at the Masonic Lodge at 224 Broadway in Paterson.

  • ptown_nearthectown

    Using race to incentivize is highly un-Masonic behavior. Freemasonry is about the brotherhood of man. The local economy should be about who delivers the best goods and services with the greatest value and ROI rather than racial solidarity.