Sheriff: 2 arrested in Paterson drug bust, $6,000 worth of marijuana seized | Paterson Times

Sheriff: 2 arrested in Paterson drug bust, $6,000 worth of marijuana seized


A man from Prospect Park and another from Paterson were busted while allegedly completing a hand-to-hand drug transaction on Wednesday night leading to the seizure of three pounds of marijuana, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Detectives apprehended Nahid A. Chowdhury, 19, of Prospect Park, and Angel Diaz, 20, of Paterson, on Wayne Avenue at around 6:18 p.m. Authorities charged both men with various drug offenses.


Drugs seized from Chowdhury’s second floor apartment in Prospect Park.

Diaz and Chowdhury were busted on Wayne Avenue and James Street. Detectives on surveillance of the area due to complaints of drug dealing observed Chowdhury double park his black Infiniti in front of 211 Wayne Avenue.

Diaz exited 211 Wayne Avenue and approached the driver side window of the car. Detectives observed a hand-to-hand drug sale. Diaz was approached while walking away from the car and placed under arrest

Diaz had one bag containing 3 grams of marijuana. Chowdhury was followed as he drove out of the area.

Detectives pulled over Chowdhury on Union and Redwood avenues. 12 small baggies, 2 small knotted bags, 1 clear plastic capsule containing marijuana was seized. All weighed 70 grams.

Chowdhury had $110 in suspected drug money, authorities said. His house at 420 North 11th Street in Prospect Park had three pounds of marijuana in four large vacuum-sealed bags.

Authorities also seized $3,200 in cash.

Chowdhury was charged with nine drug offenses for distribution and taken to Passaic County Jail. Diaz was charged with marijuana possession and released on his own pending court appearance.

  • Westbrook James

    Clearly Diaz set him up

    • joe calautti

      Clearly diaz is an idiot but he didn't set him up

  • IDoItToYa

    Should've jus waited a few months .. Shit bout to b legalized anyway smh

    • Alizer Phant

      Not really, you gonna need License to sell. Still illegal.

  • Alizer Phant

    Chowdhury? Sounds like Indian or Bangladesh name. Hope he wasn't a Dreamer. Deportation. Just ruin his American dream.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    You'd think people would stop doing hand to hands on the street …nothing more suspicious when to cars pull up and one goes to other's window.