Paterson quality-of-life enforcement nets 15 arrests, sheriff says | Paterson Times

Paterson quality-of-life enforcement nets 15 arrests, sheriff says


Fifteen people were picked up in a quality-of-life enforcement operation throughout Paterson on Thursday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Authorities cracked down on gang gatherings, public drinking, littering, loud music, loitering in front of businesses, and panhandling from 3 to 10 p.m. Officers and detectives found 14 of the alleged offenders had outstanding warrants.

Those arrested were between the ages of 28 and 59.

  • Latrice Burnett, 33, of Paterson, had an active shoplifting warrant.
  • Diane Miller, 58, of Lindewold, had a warrant for drug paraphernalia possession out of the Township of Thorofare.
  • Stanley Carmichael, 54, of Paterson, had two active warrants. One for trespassing and a $500 warrant for drinking in public.
  • Sarah Deciuceis, 54, of Elmwood Park, had a $265 warrant out of Elmwood Park.
  • Jonathan Warren, 33, of Paterson, had a child support warrant for $13,188.
  • Rashon Lipscomb, 38, of Paterson, was found with an outstanding $1,000 warrant.
  • James White, 41, of Paterson, had a $2,500 outstanding warrant.
  • Edward Jones, 41, of Paterson, had three active child support warrants for $51,690. Also had a $1,000 warrant out of the municipal court.
  • Rashaan Ritter, 40, of Paterson, had drug possession warrant out of Elmwood Park.
  • Kevin Benjamin, 50, of Paterson, had two active warrants totaling $500.
  • Tracy Chase, 57, of Paterson, had an outstanding $500 warrant.
  • Rashawn Fields, 28, of Paterson, had a warrant out of Clifton for loitering to obtain or distribute drugs.
  • ¬†Darren Rouse, 34, of Paterson, had a $500 warrant.
  • Troy Walton, 46, of Paterson, had a $300 warrant.
  • Brian Parker, 59, of Paterson, provided a phony name when officers stopped him to issue a municipal ordinance citation. He was handcuffed and processed. Parker was charged with hindering apprehension and released on his own recognizance.

Authorities issued 17 summonses during their quality-of-life detail prompted by large number of complaints from city residents.

Berdnik said the operation helped to address a wide array of citizen complaints and concerns.

  • baggman744

    It's a start. The city is a shit hole, period. Just visiting, or driving threw. I've lost count how times I've: cars that just throw trash out the windows, even while moving, drug deals right out in the open in broad day ligjt, cars passing over 60 MPH on single lane roads, obnoxiously loud music from homes all hours of the day and night, begging and loitering in front of business, dirt bike gangs taking over the streets, cars broken into in broad daylight, graffiti on homes, and on and on. That's not even talking about muggings, murders, stabbing, and shootings. It's literally a lawless city where you take your life in your hands. And yet, they have the nerve to charge homeowners exorbitant taxes.

    Trump wants a wall around Mexico? They should built one around Paterson and let no one in or out. It's a city ignored by politicians, at least those not in prison, full of crime, corruption, filth, drugs, violence, and worse. West side park is now Amsterdam, open use of drugs and alcohol all day while young students are forced to walk by for gym class. That park is filthy, full of trash, drug bags, and discarded alcohol containets.

    The city is more concerned with harassing residents for putting out bags of leaves on the wrong day, then enforcing the law. The roads are crumbling, no curbs, no sidewalk, hell, there isn't even a guard in between the road and the river on Totowa ave.