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Paterson union urges parents to march with teachers


My name is John McEntee, Jr., and I am the president of the Paterson Education Association.  We represent 3,100 teachers, secretaries, instructional assistants, etc. that work with your children every day to ensure that they receive the best education possible.

We too care about many of the challenging learning conditions that your children must endure.  Deferred maintenance on one-hundred-year-old school buildings, lack of special education services, and a lack of vital supplies are issues that affect your students’ ability to grow and thrive in our public schools.  This is why the P.E.A. has continued to fight for these issues.

However, now we need your assistance in our fight for a new contract.  We will be holding a rally on March 8, 2018, outside of the Paterson Board of Education (3:30-5:00 PM).  Just as we have stood by you and your children to support their education, we hope that you will help us in our fight for a fair and equitable contract.

John McEntee, Jr.
President of the Paterson Education Association (PEA).