Detectives recover 1.3 pounds of raw cocaine from Paterson apartment | Paterson Times

Detectives recover 1.3 pounds of raw cocaine from Paterson apartment


Detectives searched an apartment on Mill Street after gaining access through use of “knock and talk” technique on Tuesday seizing 1.3 pounds of raw cocaine, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Maximo Taveras, 56, of Paterson, allowed detectives inside his first-floor apartment at 85 Mill Street.

Detectives searched Taveras’s residence and a connecting storage room recovering 610 grams or 1.3 pounds of raw cocaine, 117 grams of marijuana, and 32 Xanax pills.

Authorities confiscated items used to measure and package drugs. Two digital scales, unused vacuum sealed bags, and empty zip-lock baggies.

Detectives confiscated a drug ledger as well, Berdnik said. He said $1,963 in cash was seized from the apartment.

Taveras was placed under arrest and taken to the Passaic County Jail. He was charged with 11 drug offenses.

Berdnik said the cocaine is worth $24,000 and the marijuana another $3,000.

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  • MarquinhoGaucho

    "knock and talk" more like illegal entry , search and seizure,.,.

  • Phrosted Phleyx

    Chiqui ??? smh
    They didn't even have a warrant

  • Catrina Simpson

    Once you allow them in you give them the right to see any thing in ''plain sight'' then they get warrant to search further. So they see rolling papers or a pipe would do it. They probably suspected something going on, but didn't have enough for a warrant. They did a poke and hope.