Paterson drug bust net five arrests, $100,000 worth of cocaine, 3 guns | Paterson Times

Paterson drug bust net five arrests, $100,000 worth of cocaine, 3 guns


Detectives arrested five men in a drug bust on McBride Avenue seizing $100,000 worth of cocaine, $34,709 cash, and three handguns, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Authorities arrested David Caraballo, 34, of Woodland Park; Thomas Martinez, 44, of Little Falls; Vander Manocchio, 25, of Paterson; Ricardo Jackson, 32, of Factoryville, Penn.; and Miguel Martinez, 32, of Paterson on various drugs and weapons charges.

Detectives seized 4.4 pounds of cocaine worth $100,000 on the street, $34,709 in cash, $82,000 worth of jewelry, 3 handguns, 20 hollow point bullets, 4 vehicles, and 50 Percocet pills, authorities said.

Berdnik said detectives began a street level drug investigation at the intersection of McBride Avenue and Rockland Street at around 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday. A Jeep vehicle parked in front of a garage belonging to 237 McBride Avenue.

Occupants of the vehicles remained inside. A little later, Manocchio exited the vehicle through the front passenger door, and approached the garage. Caraballo opened the garage door and exited holding a black bag.

Caraballo handed the bag to Manocchio in exchange for a large amount of paper currency, authorities said.

Detectives observed Carballo get back into the garage while Manocchio entered his Jeep and left the area with detectives behind him. The Jeep was pulled over on Main and Ellison streets. Detectives confiscated over a pound of raw cocaine inside the black bag and a .38 caliber revolver, authorities said.

The Jeep’s driver Jackson and Manocchio were placed under arrest. Police confiscated $1,709 in cash from Jackson.

Detectives resumed surveillance on the garage. Caraballo, holding a black backpack, accompanied by Martinez, exited the garage. Authorities said the backpack was placed in the drunk of a BMW vehicle.

Martinez and Caraballo got inside the vehicle. Martinez sped away through McBride Avenue. Detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop on Browertown Road in Woodland Park.

Caraballo was arrested for the cocaine sale, authorities said. He had $10,000 in cash. Martinez had $870. Detectives had a K-9 search the vehicle for drugs. The vehicle was towed from the scene for further investigation.

3.3 pounds of cocaine worth $60,000 was found inside the BMW.

Detectives searched 237 McBride Avenue. 50 Percocet pills and a .22 caliber revolver were confiscated. A Dodge Charger was searched at the property leading to seizure of a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and $22,130 in cash.

Caraballo was charged with nine drug offenses. Martinez, a convicted felon, was charged with 3 drug offenses and 3 weapons offenses.

Manocchio was charged with three drug offenses, authorities said. Jackson was charged with three drug offenses and a weapon possession offense.

Martinez was charged with two drug possession charges and a weapons offense.

Authorities held the men at the Passaic County Jail. Authorities said the vehicles are pending forfeiture proceedings.