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Paterson resident endorses Sayegh for mayor


Before every election we often hear that this one is the most important ever. This Paterson mayoral election MAY be the most important ever, because this city may have reached the point of no return. If dramatic change doesn’t occur, Paterson will drift further into an abyss from which it will be impossible to escape. It is my view that the only candidate with the experience, tenacity, wisdom, and vision to change the course of this once proud city, America’s first industrial city, is Andre Sayegh.

Sadly, a blockbuster Broadway musical to which only a handful of Paterson residents could even afford to buy tickets, hasn’t changed the image of this city. Mr. Sayegh is very concerned about this image because of the beating Paterson has taken for a long time. None of the other candidates address this problem nor have any idea how to improve it, and in fact have sadly detracted from it by their own actions which are well documented.

Of all the candidates only Andre Sayegh has the background, experience and skills to lead Paterson out of this despair. It is irrefutable, I think, that the ward he represents, the 6th, is the only one in the city which has shown great signs of revitalization, and for that he must be given a great deal of credit. His vision of the changes which need be made are the only specific recommendations and ideas that have been presented by any of those seeking the mayoralty.

Candidates always talk about the same things which need be done to reclaim the city. Every citizen knows these and can recite them like the lyrics from Hamilton, the musical: better jobs, lower taxes, less crime, better education, economic development. Only Andre Sayegh really has presented firm ideas about how to make some of these a reality, and he knows it won’t happen in one hundred days or one year, because it took much longer than that to get this way.

I’ve known this man a long time, and I know that he is tireless in his work, extremely smart, honest, and committed to making Paterson a much better place than it is now.

Denis Ross
Paterson resident.

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