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Prominent Paterson resident picks Sayegh for mayor


The importance of Tuesday, May 8th 2018 to everyone who lives in the City of Paterson cannot be overstated. Voters will choose a new Mayor and three new Council Members at Large.  The stakes for everyone could not be higher.

Of the six Mayoral candidates there is only one with the requisite qualifications, passion and drive which this job needs.

That person is 6th Ward Councilman, Andre Sayegh.

During his time on the City Council he’s done great work in his ward which serves as an example of how well the entire city might fare under his leadership.  Andre has relentlessly pursued quality of life issues, public safety and economic development. He’s firmly opposed tax increases. He’s the most passionate cheerleader for the city I know.

Andre leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to bring businesses to the city. He had the gumption and vision to pursue the Amazon HQ2 project. I am sure he would work with Newark’s Mayor, Ras Baraka to help entice Mr Bezos to bring this $50 Billion enterprise to the area. Because we are so close to Newark. we could well feel the first ripple of prosperity should Amazon land there. And then there’s The Halls to the Falls Initiative, which could provide incredible educational opportunities for our children, not to mention boost tourism, investment and bring badly needed jobs here.

Paterson needs friends in Trenton and D.C.  Andre has the relationships with the key officials necessary to ensure that we get the maximum State & Federal funding to provide opportunities for everyone.

By the way, Paterson isn’t for sale, its open for business.

Andre is not beholden to anyone or any special interest, except to his sworn duty to do his best for every resident in the city of Paterson. Andre firmly believes in One Paterson, a safer, fairer and prosperous place for everyone. no matter who you are.

My family plans to support Andre Sayegh on May 8th. We hope you will too.

Michael Symonds
Paterson resident

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  • John Brown

    thank you. but we think for ourselves. and vote for who we want to.
    we hope you will too!

  • Paterson Pulse Paterson Pulse

    This guy tried to get Sayegh elected 4 years ago, Paterson' rejected him for a second time. Trenton just raised taxes $1.4 bill. We need them as friends? Amazon was a pipe dream, Sayegh miscalculated the lack of space, parking, place to live and work force required for Amazon, he lied to get publicity for no work done like most things. Paterson' had him for 10 years, as the others. Paterson' needs new leadership. Check the candidate and you'll know who that is. Vote for him and Classic towing coming for you and the cops, services and crimes will still be your so no thanks, we got this.