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Celi: Don’t stay home on Election Day


Election messaging is very important for candidates in any race. Identifying the most effective way of reaching the constituents is critical, therefore, I find it concerning when I receive mailings with negative campaigning attacking other candidates. A candidate that believes that the only way they can gain advantage is by negative campaigning is simply saying, “I have nothing valuable to offer.” If you must take someone down using negativity in order to rise up then you have lost my vote and my respect.

How a candidate runs his/her campaign is a direct correlation of how they will run their administration, so observe carefully and vote accordingly. A candidate that misspends campaign funds, wasteful spending, unable to manage volunteers, team, staff, fails to comply with policies and procedures, doesn’t answer questions asked, provides plans of work that excites but fails to explain how, how much it will cost is misleading and will do so when elected.

Let us keep in mind when voting that a candidate that misleads, miscommunicates, makes false promises, doesn’t clearly explain their plan of work will continue the same pattern of poor leadership that has become unfortunately the norm in Paterson.

Lots of talk of accountability, but what does really mean, how do they intend to demonstrate accountability. Will evaluations be implemented for all staff with benchmarks, measurable outcomes, and disciplinary action if goals are not met? Let us keep in mind that, “We, the people” pay for all salaries and services. A return on investment needs to be seen by all.

When voting let us look beyond the obvious friendly, smiling, hand shaking, dancing, well dressed, articulate candidates that say too much about nothing and say yes to everything for they will fall short on delivering on campaign promises, will blame others and the cycle of “everything goes in Paterson” will continue. Change will only occur when we do things differently, therefore staying home will change nothing, I urge you to research candidates, speak to them, make them earn your vote and then VOTE!

Nelly Celi
Write in Candidate for Council at Large