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Citizens went beyond ethnic politics and voted the best man


As my husband and I stood with a throng of people last night waiting for election results, I scanned the audience, and I thought to myself this is what Paterson is currently, a multitude of various ethnic people. I was proud to be among them as I gazed at a cross cultural group – Black, White, Latino, Arabs. As lifelong Patersonians we love the diversity, and that is why we stayed because this is what a city should look like.

For once citizens went beyond ethnic politics and voted the best man in to be the leader of the third largest city in the state. Congratulations Andre Sayegh, Mayor of my home town. I’m confident you will lead us to becoming “One Paterson”, as we supported you to become our leader.

All of Paterson has the potential to look like your ward filled with businesses, restaurants, stores of a higher quality. We’re counting on you to make it that way. If you surround yourself with the best and brightest, seasoned and those starting careers, you will have the opportunity to make Paterson beautiful once again, and we’re counting on you to do just that.

It is a tall order we know, but Denis and I, as part of the pillars here with great strengths and experience between us and want to help you make our city great again. It can be done as we’ve seen in other cities.

Good luck in your endeavor, and we believe in your ability to make us “One Paterson”, one that Hamilton would be proud of.

Jackie Ross
Paterson resident

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