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Paterson personnel director, criticized for working from home, leaving


The city’s personnel director Abby Levenson, who was criticized five months ago for working from home, has resigned from her post, according to municipal officials.

Levenson’s last day on the job is May, 18, 2018. She is taking a job elsewhere, according to two municipal officials.

She could not immediately be reached for comments on Monday morning.

Her telecommute arrangement with the city was criticized by council members prompting mayor Jane Williams-Warren to issue a memo in January ordering Levenson to cease working from home.

“I did not believe she was doing an outstanding job,” said McKoy on Monday morning. “There’s no personnel policy that you can hang your hat on. It might be the best thing for her and the city.”

Levenson was hired by mayor Jose “Joey” Torres three years ago for $85,700. She was expected to turnaround a poorly run personnel division. For a decade the city’s personnel division has been plagued by problems going back to the flood overtime scandal.

McKoy said Levenson was not a good fit for the position.

Levenson’s departure will allow mayor-elect Andre Sayegh to fill the position with someone new. On Monday morning, Sayegh said he did not have any specific person in mind to fill the post.

“I want to thank her for her service to our city. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding her resignation,” said Sayegh. ” Obviously, it’s a critical position. We’re going to be examining all options.”

Sayegh said he looks to have a “highly qualified” candidate fill the role.

Mayor Jane Williams-Warren criticized Levenson for working from home in her January memo. She noted the duties of the personnel director could not be carried out from home.

“Obviously, this is not happening when you are not in office several days a week,” the mayor’s memo dated Jan. 26, 2018 said. “Your job may not be effectively performed off-site.”

Williams-Warren could not immediately be reached for comments on Monday morning.

Levenson took offense at the mayor’s criticism in a rebuttal memo to the mayor. She called the mayor’s criticism slanderous and actionable in court.

“I will be moving on to a career opportunity that is closer to home and will provide me with the ability to spend more time with my children,” Levenson wrote in a note to her colleagues last week announcing her departure.

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    Whites don't fan well in Paterson and shes a jew, 2 strikes on her. I'll glad for her shes moving on to bigger and better things. She's the only one to really help me and I for one will miss her!!!!! Good Luck Abby

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    How long before Andre winds up in prison? Is there a pool running?