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Paterson’s 6th Ward: Third man wants mayor-elect Sayegh’s council seat


Planning board member Jesus Castro submitted a letter to the municipal clerk on Tuesday night expressing his interest in the soon-to-be vacant 6th Ward city council seat.

Castro, an inspector for the Division of Community Improvement, has been critical of Sayegh over the years.

“For a while now, I’ve been feeling the ward is in need of change,” said Castro. “The ward is getting a little rough.”

Castro, who lives in South Paterson, was victimized recently, when his vehicle, parked on the block where he lives, was broken into. He said valuables were stolen from his car to highlight the 6th Ward “getting a little rough.”

Castro is the third man to seek the 6th Ward seat. Others interested are former school board member Juan “Mitch” Santiago and educator Al Abdelaziz.

Sayegh has said he has no plans to resign his seat until Jun. 30, 2018. He will be sworn in as mayor the next day.

Sayegh favors Abdelaziz for the post.

Castro has lived in the 6th Ward for 7 years, he said. He has served on the Paterson Library Board. He sits on the Paterson Planning Board. He was a candidate in the 2015 school board race.

Castro was hired as a housing inspector in the city last year. He makes $28,000, according to municipal records.

“I have served this city in many capacities for the last 15 years. My efforts over the years focused exclusively on moving Paterson forward,” wrote Castro in his letter of intent to the clerk. “Many that know me will attest to the fact that my agenda has been and continues to be producing positive change for our residents.”

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  • ibby omar

    Another nobody who wants the seat . I appreciate people who care but he’s no good . I bet he doesn’t actually know the full sixth ward

    • Alex Mclovin

      Isn’t this the guy that was passing out the racial mailers throughout the city??

      • Gilgamesh

        Allegedly. Surveillance footage has a picture that looks exactly like this guy. If so, we don't need a racist in our diverse city.

        • Alex Mclovin

          I have to agree with you.

          • ibby omar

            whether it’s him or not , I can name you 5 people that are more qualified than him . He lives in south paterson ? So do I , never seen em or heard of em . Another nobody in my eyes .

          • Alex Mclovin

            Don’t be so harsh on the guy. He thinks he can represent the 6th Ward but if he is the guy that was passing out the racial fliers during the mayoral election I believe he should pull his name out for the vacant seat in July.

  • John C

    It's a joke in Paterson. You know why the government is so poorly run? It's simple. Most elected officials, non-educated "claim street smarts" have no idea what they are doing. Most have legal issues that come to light during election time, most become corrupt, and most only look out for their own race. That's why any clown can get in office now.
    Look at the neighboring towns and cities, do you see the council people fighting on tv with each other? No you don't.
    Corruption will still occur
    More elected officials will go to jail
    The rich people making out from Paterson will continue to get rich.