Paterson pays out $55,000 in workers’ compensation claims | Paterson Times

Paterson pays out $55,000 in workers’ compensation claims


The city settled three workers’ compensation cases on Tuesday night paying out $55,424, according to municipal records.

Police sergeant Lou Pacelli was paid $24,544. He allegedly injured his right leg while chasing a suspect on Mar. 16, 2015.

Firefighter Jose Mercado was paid $20,880. On Mar. 30, 2016, he allegedly fell through a roof at a fire scene and injured his left leg and lower back, according to municipal records.

Jesus Perez, a firefighter, received $10,000. He was allegedly injured in two separate incidents. Once on Feb 26, 2015, when he suffered injuries while inside ambulance that swerved. And a second time on Nov. 17, 2015, when he rolled his left ankle at a fire scene, according to city records.

Council members approved all three claim settlements in a special meeting.

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  • John Brown

    and yet when there's a case of police brutality caught on camera. and a person sues the city

    the Shitty Council want's to award them nothing!!

    • Vindicated

      Ask Joey why there isn’t any recreation for the kids… let’s start with the 1 million he spent on the trailer homes at Chamberlain Ave, that still hasn’t been used by any residents. When he gets out, he’ll be chilling in his resort in the Dominican republic.