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Woman dead after jumping from Paterson bridge


A woman died on Sunday afternoon after jumping off the bridge over the Passaic River that connects Haledon Avenue and River Street, according to police.

Police said the woman has yet to be identified. Police haven’t made next of kin notification of the death, said police director Jerry Speziale on Sunday night.

“It appears to be an apparent suicide,” said Speziale. A video circulating on social media shows the woman climbing up to the top of the Straight Street Bridge and jumping off.

The woman struggles to get to the very top of the bridge. Once atop the bridge, she swings her arms back and forth. And then jumps.

Police were called at about 4:10 p.m. She was pulled out of the Passaic River by a civilian at East Holsman Street, according to officials.

The woman was breathing when she was pulled out. An ambulance rendered aid. She was later pronounced dead.

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  • Connie

    This is a tragedy for this woman and her family and I find it disgusting that you posted a video of this woman jumping to her death. Have some dignity and respect for this woman's family who are already dealing with this tragedy but now have to have it play out online. I understand that others have posted this video but as a journalist and news media you should have more respect to post such tragedies to up your traffic to your site. I hope that this family finds some peace despite this disgusting display of providing news to the masses. I would hope that you would take this video down to show some respect to this woman and her family.

    • Allyson Bailey

      Agreed!! Please TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN!!! How disrespectful and disturbing! What has this world come to where video's like this are viewed as entertaining?

    • Merman

      Respect? For suicide?

      Please. This is comical at most.

      • Connie

        Yours is not to judge only God can judge us. Maybe you enjoy watching people’s misery but a family should not have a loved one displayed this way for your amusement. It’s clear this woman needed help.

        • Merman

          I'm still laughing, hours later.

          • Brisa

            You have no morals at all, you are going to go to hell, how coukd you say such thing, i guess you didnt came out from a women, but an animal, yes thats what you are a freaking animal.

          • Merman

            Again, English?

            Do you speak it?

          • Katherine Rodriguez-Ortiz Ray

            Merman, I don't understand how you find this funny. But if you do, you should consider getting psychological help yourself.

          • Alexa Scofield

            Let's see if you do the same when suicide visit who u love

          • Merman

            "When suicide visit who u love."

            English, please?

      • Bishop Daryl Townes

        merman you would not be laughing or jesting if this was one of your family member or even your sister or aunt I agree this is should never been posted and it needs to be taken down Immediately to respect the family and am praying for this woman and her famiy

      • Katherine Rodriguez-Ortiz Ray

        How can you say this is comical! This woman was so distraught and broken that she felt soo hopeless to do this. How can we be so heartless to say this is funny

  • Allyson Bailey

    TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN! This is absolutely disrespectful and disturbing! Have some respect for the family in mourning.

  • Merman

    This is hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh, one less welfare recipient down.

    • Terry Kearney

      You are such an ass to say something like that. That is someone's child we dont know what was going on in her mind. Karma is something else you should watch what you say because Karma is real my friend. Have a nice day!

      • Merman

        I could care less.

        If you take your own life you deserve no sympathy. I'm glad natural selection took it's course.

        • Connie

          Only immature trolls respond this way. You’re not grown enough to engage in these types of conversations.

          • Merman

            Immature trolls?

            No, I just am not over-sensitized over people who mean nothing at all to this world.

          • Marisol Perez

            For those with disgusting and heartless, immature responses:

            2 Timothy 3: But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power

          • Kim Boddie

            “No, I just am not over-sensitized over people who mean nothing at all to this world.”. You’re talking about yourself in this comment. Be very careful Merman, God will not be mocked. You will pay for the ignorant words spoken from your mouth .

        • Terry Kearney

          not even going there with you praying for you because you need prayer JACK. SMH

        • Kenneth Feola

          Merman your a faggot bro your statement is irrlelvent

        • Esau is a cave beast..


  • MilkyPoint l

    You must be new to the internet.
    Get used to this lmfao.

    • Connie

      WHY do we have to get use to this. It’s up to us to change what is deemed as acceptable and appropriate. We change how the world is viewed. You talk a good game but let this be your sister, mother, or someone you care about deeply and you’d be singing a different tune. Grow up only an immature person like yourself would respond to this thread that way. You’re not grown.

      • MilkyPoint l

        Ok sure, I'd agree with a family member if they'd want this taken down. And they should take the proper measures to do so.
        But YOU have no say.

        What if they wanted to keep this up to spread awareness about mental illness?
        lmao you're making this out like it directly affects you, and now you're making demands.

        boo fucking hoo

        • Merman

          This may actually be a Darwin Award.

  • Bishop Daryl Townes

    merman you would not be laughing or jesting if this was one of your family member or even your sister or aunt I agree this is should never been posted and it needs to be taken down Immediately to respect the family and this poor woman i am praying for this woman and her famiy

  • Maria Patino

    Well said!

  • ch0k30nm1ba775

    another one bite the dust… one less welfare sucking blood bat leecher off the books! keep it up we need all the section 8 leechers gone too by any means necessary! hang them by a tree or the back of a pick up truck and drive away!

    • Kindness Counts

      Why does she have to be a welfare sucking leech?? What's the problem with section 8? You think people that are on welfare or receive section 8 housing are useless to society? Well let me tell you, you're ignorant. Yes SOME people abuse these services and they should be penalized for it, however, NOBODY deserves to die or kill themselves because they require 'help'. You think you're so perfect? Maybe you haven't fallen upon tough times but there are very well educated individuals trying to support a family and trying to better themselves but require a little assistance until they get on their feet. The problem in this world is that people like you unfairly place judgement on a person and ASSUME they have nothing to offer society when really it's YOU that has nothing to offer society except your negativity and stigma towards others. You have NO idea if this woman was on welfare or anything about her. Who are you to judge anyone else? Instead of hiding behind a computer writing all this negativity, make an actual contribution to society by spreading awareness and offering assistance to those in need. I won't sit here and call you or that other one any names, but shame on any of you that places judgement upon another without knowing what is going on. Mental illness IS a disease and being on welfare has NOTHING to do with ones mental state. I know this because I'm a HIGHLY educated woman (Master's degree and beyond) and I've needed assistance in the past. Not because I have a mental illness, not because I'm a loser, and not for ANY other reason other than a job cut and not being able to find employment quickly after that. People should not abuse the system but sometimes even 'mentally stable' individuals require assistance. That's what it's there for. It's not there to apply a stigma to someone because they're on welfare. The problem with society isn't the individuals and families that receive section 8 housing, welfare, or any other type of assistance, it's with people like you that form a judgement and condemn those that are on it, or those that do have a mental illness. Lend support, spread awareness, do something GOOD for another human being instead of condemning someone you know nothing about. That's what the world needs.

  • Merman

    Coming from the actual pig.

    Put the sandwich down.

  • Merman

    "Mental illness is a disease."

    Congratulations, you enable bad behavior.

  • Walter C Benavides

    As a group of people using this forum to comment we shouldn't have to put up with comments from such inhumane people like merman and others like him . they are here to target groups of people basically harassing with their words. If they claim freedom of speech, why dont they show their faces and not hide behind fake profiles, the fact that they hide tell us that they know that they are doing wrong with their words . we shouldnt expect sick people like them to control themselves , they probably cant, but we should expect Paterson Times out of respect for the readers to monitor these offensive comments and act upon them by either deleting their comments or outright blocking the members that opine in such outrageous manner . Is obvious that these are cowards that comment using fake profiles. Paterson Times SHOULD do a better job monitoring this forum . no one should be allowed to maligned a group of people like some do here . the ball is in your court Paterson Times . Hope you do the responsible thing and get rid of these people. good day .

  • Walter C Benavides

    Would burn a flag of the United States !!! Even if it is protected speech ? Would you yell fire in a crowded theater ? Rights were given to responsible people to voice their opinions and views without fear of being punished by government in a time when Americans got freed from England , it was no given to idiots like the ones here to harrass people of other races and economical status . Is sad how people got brainwashed to believed that freedom of speech gives you te right to slander and maligned and incite violence . Same with the right to bear to arms , the right to bear arms were given to responsable people that needed to protect their belongings in a time when there was no police force like the one we have now , centuries ago police would get you days later that is why the founding fathers thought it was good for people to bear to be able to defend themselves when they saw fit to do so . Now that right is being abused , much like the freedom of speech , by crazy people to commit mass murder and stockpile weapons . The bio of rights were written 200 + plus years ago and it was meant for a different audience , Times have changed , we are not the same country . And the rights afforded by the constitution are being used and abused . Humble opinion .

  • Walter C Benavides

    That being said , the Paterson Times should monitor comments and delete or block crazy wackos who only look to maligned otrehr races .

  • deja sanabria

    From what I heard the reason behind the suicide was that she had a hard time coping with the death of her infant. Not sure how true it is, but it's sad that only option was suicide. My condolences to the family =(