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Teague: I am an independent thinker for school board


At the eleventh hour, I filed a nominating petition to have my name officially added to the ballot for the 2018 Paterson board of education election. Now, I can’t compete with the onslaught of political promises that you will surely be inundated with. What I can do is make you aware of the work I have already done.

Since 2009, I have been a staunch special education activist in the city of Paterson. I continue to work tirelessly in this field. In 2012, I successfully won a seat on the Paterson school board. I served a full term with an unprecedented amount of passion and drive.

I have decided to run again. This isn’t about me. This is about ensuring the work continues on behalf of the children. Throughout the course of this election cycle you will hear numerous speeches. You won’t get that from me. Just results. Even after serving on the school board parents continue calling and reaching out to me for assistance. I maintained my relationship with central office and currently have an open line of communication with the district superintendent.

To this day, folks around the state of New Jersey reach out to me for advice on various issues related to special education advocacy. Should I be successful in securing a seat on the board this November I will continue the work I am doing on the outside, from the inside.

I feel confident that Paterson voters will clearly see the distinction of my service in terms of special education advocacy, to be head and shoulders above the rest in this 18-person race. It must be about getting the job done. It must be about transparency, honesty, trust, resourcefulness, competency and the ability to stand up and advocate for our children even when it doesn’t seem popular.

We don’t need “board members for hire” we need a group of independent thinking individuals who have decided to take this work seriously. Without trepidation, taking a deep breath, or having second thoughts, I can unequivocally say that I am an independent thinker who takes this work seriously.

Paterson, let’s make it happen this year, for our children.

Corey Teague
Former school board member

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