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Paterson ex-con caught twice selling drugs at proposed Union Avenue hotspot


A convicted criminal who served three separate stints in prison, most recent ended in May, was arrested twice in under a month for allegedly dealing drugs at the proposed hotspot zone on Union Avenue, according to police.

Kinu Miah, 27-year-old, of Redwood Avenue, was arrested twice in a 25-day span.

On Aug. 3, he was picked up when police raided 430 Union Avenue, a block away from the Union-Redwood intersection. Police charged him with having 8 baggies of marijuana. He was also charged with intent to distribute and intent to deal in a school zone.

During the raid, police also charged Savion L. Clark, 28, of Manchester Avenue, with having 20 glassines of heroin stamped “Coconut Water” in blue ink and 9 baggies of crack-cocaine. He was charged with a total of six drug offenses, said police.

On Jul. 9, police caught Miah with 5 baggies of cocaine, 9 baggies of marijuana, and 7 baggies of crack-cocaine at the intersection of Union Avenue and Jasper Street.

Miah, pictured above, was charged with nine drug offenses. Police confiscated $213 in drug money from him.

Miah was released from the Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility three months ago. That was his third stint in prison. Three times he was convicted of committing robbery, according to prison records.

In 2009, he received a five-year prison sentence. In 2015, he was again sentenced to a three-year term. In 2016, he was given a 1.5-year sentence.

He began serving time at a state prison in Dec. 2009. He was released in May 2013, but found himself behind bars again in Mar. 2015.

Miah was released again on May 2016, but was again behind bars in Nov. 2016.

The presence of people like Miah has made the section of Union Avenue from Redwood Avenue to Kearney Street a dangerous stretch.

Police have described the area as a “breeding ground for criminal activity” in a report presented to the City Council last week.

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  • John Brown

    what is a 27 year old man doing in a youth correctional facility?!! put him in a real Prison (23 hr. lockdown)