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Flood damaged Paterson buildings will be ready for first day of school


The school district is racing to repair 17 buildings that experienced flooding following heavy rain earlier in the month.

Facilities director Steve Morlino expects to have the buildings repaired and ready for the first day of school on Sept. 6, he told the school board this week.

“We had numerous locations that flooded, some that never flooded before,” he told the school board on Monday. “We brought in staff and we mobilized people the best we could on a Sunday.”

Morlino said water has to be cleaned up within 24-48 hours to avoid mold growth. He said in some cases the district has to replace tiles, sheetrock walls, and dry waterlogged wood studs.

The facilities director gave a presentation to the school board on Monday. His presentation included pictures of the damage at each of the 17 sites.

“We could have been worse had we waited,” said school board president Oshin Castillo. She said staff members came in at midnight on Saturday to handle clean-up.

“Could have been a lot worse,” added superintendent Eileen Shafer.

The total cost of the damage is being calculated, said Morlino. He said insurance firms are conducting assessments.

The district spent $92,027 for drying, removing damaged material, cleaning, and sanitizing four locations – School 11, 15, 20, and 24. This does not include restoring the damaged areas.

Morlino reckoned the damage cost could be an estimated half-million dollars.

The buildings that were affected by flooding are listed below:

  1. Central Office at 90 Delaware Avenue – first floor sustained extensive flood damage; and a portion of second floor.
  2. School 4, minor boiler room water infiltration.
  3. School 6, minimal flooding.
  4. School 11. Minimal flooding.
  5. School 13. Basement flooded.
  6. School 15 sustained extensive flooding.
  7. School 19. Two kindergarten classrooms sustained damage due to construction project.
  8. School 21. Minimal flooding.
  9. School 20. Extensive damage to basement, kitchen, and cafeteria.
  10. School 24. Extensive damage.
  11. School 27. Minor flooding.
  12. John F. Kennedy High School. Auditorium flooded.
  13. Rosa Parks High School. Basement and corridor flooded.
  14. Edward Kilpatrick School. Minimal flooding in cafeteria and kitchen.
  15. Stars Academy. Minimal flooding.
  16. Harp Academy. Minimal water damage.
  17. Don Bosco Middle School. Moderate food damage.

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