Paterson man caught with more than 6,200 bags of heroin, police say | Paterson Times

Paterson man caught with more than 6,200 bags of heroin, police say


An alleged drug dealer was arrested by police on Sunday following a chase through several backyards along Lake Street, according to police.

Cequan Wharton, 24, of Paterson, couldn’t escape police. He emerged on Summer Street and was placed under arrest.

Police said he had 6,250 glassine envelopes of heroin, and $1,602 in suspected drug proceeds. Authorities charged him with possession, distribution of heroin, resisting arrest by flight, and eluding in a car.

Police saw Wharton engage in several drug transactions on Rosa Parks Boulvard at around 6:30 p.m. A short time later, detectives observed him and another man enter a Chrysler minivan that was previously involved in a drug sale.

Detectives followed the vehicle and attempted to stop it.

Wharton refused to pull over for several blocks. Other police units were called to assist. He pulled over on Hamilton Avenue and Summer Street.

Wharton and his passenger exited the car and ran on foot with detectives chasing behind them.

The passenger successfully escaped from police.

Detective William Hermann chased Wharton. Detectives Luis Fernandez and Rene Alicea arrested Wharton when he emerged on Summer Street. Detectives Anthony Castronova, James Jenkins, and Jose Torres assisted in the investigation, police said.

“One block, gun and bag at a time will enable us to reach our goal of a drug-free and safer city,” police director Jerry Speziale said.

  • John Brown

    He was arrested. given a summons. and released. Just to start all over again.

    • Dominick Perez

      I doubt he received a summons with 125 bricks, that's at least a 2nd degree felony charge.

  • John

    John Brown is correct. Drug charges in Paterson are considered very lightly. Sales are done in the wide open, just drive by and with some street smarts you should notice it. Paterson needs to eliminate it's current police force and a real hands on zero tolerance Police force needs to take charge such as Guiliani did in New York in the 80's, don't think so? Then deal with the current. Paterson Police are considered a joke. I am a life long Paterson Hispanic resident and it's a SHAME. DEMOCRATS YES DEMOCRATS HAVE PUT PATERSON TO SHAME!