Detectives seize two guns, 900 bags of heroin from abandoned Paterson house | Paterson Times

Detectives seize two guns, 900 bags of heroin from abandoned Paterson house


Detectives confiscated two handguns and hundreds of bags of heroin from an abandoned house and parking lot on Hamilton Avenue, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Berdnik said detectives observed a drug sale between Dion Moore, 40, of Paterson, and David Caporizzo, 31, of Fairfield at 221 Hamilton Avenue.

Both men were arrested, authorities said.

moore-and-caporizzoMoore was charged with 12 drug offenses, 3 weapons offenses, and 2 receiving stolen property for having a stolen vehicle and handgun.

Caporizzo was charged with drug possession.

Detectives set up surveillance of the abandoned property and parking lot on Friday. Sheriff’s officers observed Caporizzo arrive in the front of the abandoned property and meet with Moore.

Moore spoke to Caporizzo. He then walked to a stolen blue minivan parked in a vacant parking lot.

Moore obtained small items from the stolen vehicle and handed them to Caporizzo in exchange for money.

Caporizzo left the area followed by other officers. His vehicle was pulled over. Two baggies of crack cocaine were found in his vehicle.

Moore returned to the minivan and retrieved a package of heroin that he threw to an unknown woman.

Detectives tried to stop the woman, but lost sight of her.

Authorities said Moore had $926 in suspected drug proceeds in his pockets. Inside the stolen minivan, detectives observed an assortment of drugs in plain view.

900 glassine envelopes of heroin, 43 zip locked baggies of crack cocaine, 54 vials of crack cocaine, and small portion of marijuana.

Drugs seized is worth $4,300 on the street, Berdnik said. Detectives saw a Glock 23 and a Colt 25 in the vehicle.

The Colt 25 was reported stolen, authorities said.

Berdnik said the investigation started with a tip from a concerned citizen. He commended the citizen for providing authorities with information that led to the arrests and seizure of drugs and weapons.

“The message should be clear, if you come into Passaic County to purchase narcotics, you will be arrested,” Berdnik said.

Moore is being held at the Passaic County Jail. Caporizzo was charged and released.

  • The 1

    Dam Dave can’t believe you’re that far off. You used to be the man. SMH what tf happened to you?

  • John

    Welcome to the new America that is literally chopping away at the white race. By the way I am not white but I can tell you that of young heroin users, 95% are white, yes 95%! If you don't know this then don't even bother to respond. Who's to blame? Of course there is fault on the user but Paterson NJ is an open market for all sorts of drugs, heroin is as cheap as $2.50, just barely over two dollars. Sales are done wide in the open. Paterson Police are a total joke. Paterson needs new Politicians who are not scared and a new Police force that has zero tolerance. Paterson could change, but not under the current or close to the current conditions.

    • DropKnowledge

      So you're blaming white people using drugs on the city of Paterson? Sounds about foolish

      • John

        Blaming city of Paterson on white people? What? My comment of whites using heroin is just a logical observation. In addition my observation in Paterson is that the current Police force cannot police Paterson effectively. If you disagree with either then you are either not from Paterson and if you are then you are completely lost.

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      Paterson cops are doing a great job every day we see articles of people being arrested for buying drugs. Sayegh has taken a zero tolerance by attacking quality of life issues and the other crimes associated with it. I really believe Paterson will have its renaissance. The problem is the criminal elements namely in the Rosa Parks area, 12th Ave and North Main . We need to lock up the criminals for a long long time because they come right out and are back to the same old thing.