Paterson shooting suspect crashed car, tried to flee from police | Paterson Times

Paterson shooting suspect crashed car, tried to flee from police


A man wanted for a shooting on Highland and Sparrow streets led police on a car chase through Lafayette and Summer streets on Wednesday.

Joshua Washington, 25-year-old, of Paterson, saw police activate their emergency lights and sirens. He initially pulled over, but then sped away.

Washington caused a car accident on Carrol Street and Park Avenue. He then got out of his car and ran on foot.

Police chased him down and arrested him on Park Avenue and Summer Street.

Washington was identified as the actor in the September 1, 2018 shooting on Highland and Sparrow streets. He allegedly shot a 22-year-old Prospect Park man.

Police charged Washington with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons offenses. Additionally, he was charged with eluding and resisting arrest.

  • John

    What change? Paterson needs zero tolerance police force. Needs curfew. Needs to replace the current political Democrats and the current police force.

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      IDK if you noticed but under the great leadership of Mayor Sayegh there has been zero tolerance. How many quality of life summonses, arrests, etc etc. It doesnt matter if you have Duterte of the Philippines as Mayor….You change the city until you change the people. We need development and gentrification …look at what Newburgh , NY is doing giving artists free lofts and it is on the up and up certain parts look like Bklyn now.

      • John

        I really hope you are right. Have I seen some.change? Yes I have. Paterson needs drastic changes. Hopefully this Mayor will to increase attacking all crimes, especially quality of life issues. We will eventually see the outcomes.