Lyndhurst man’s Paterson drug operation dismantled, 3 pounds of heroin, 3 guns, $15,000 cash seized | Paterson Times

Lyndhurst man’s Paterson drug operation dismantled, 3 pounds of heroin, 3 guns, $15,000 cash seized


The police dismantled a Lyndhurst man’s drug operation, seizing 3 pounds of heroin, 1.5-pound of marijuana, 3 handguns, and $15,000 in cash, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Abdur J. Smallwood, 42, was arrested on 37 drugs and weapons charges early Friday morning. Police raided his drug operations at 13 East 19th Street in Paterson and his home at 1301 Wall Street, apartment 5420, in Lyndhurst at around 1 a.m.

Lyndhurst police aided Paterson detectives in raiding Smallwood’s apartment, Speziale said.

Detectives seized 40 glassine envelopes, 3 bags of heroin, weighing 3 pounds; 2 knotted bags, 260 bags of marijuana, weighing 700 grams; a knotted bag of MDMA, weighing 2.1 grams; and 2 bags of cocaine, weighing 183 grams.

Weapons and ammo seized in bust.

Weapons and ammo seized in bust.

Police seized a Taurus .45 caliber PT145PRO handgun with a magazine, a Glock 23 .40 caliber with 22 rounds, and a Colt .38 special cobra revolver.

Detectives seized 11 hollow point .45 rounds; 30 .45 round nose round; 42 hollow point .40 caliber spear rounds, 1 .40 round nose round; 1 9mm round nose round, and 6 .38 special Winchester round nose rounds.

Police seized 2 grinders, heat sealer, and numerous empty glassine bags stamped “HEAVEY DIESEL,” “NIKE,” “Dunkin Donuts,” “Bello 11,” “CARTEL,” and “HELLO.”

Inside his bedroom police confiscated a bag of rubber bands, ink refill, 2 empty jars containing drug residue, red stamp pad, empty Scotch Tape, credit card with drug residue, and Krazy glue.

In an upstairs closet, police found a black luggage containing a box of rubber bands, toothbrush with drug residue, mail addressed to Smallwood, ceramic plates with drug residue, razor blade, tape, digital scale, orange bottle with numerous empty crack capsules, 2 baggies of empty crack capsules, 2 sifters, and an electric grinder.

Detectives seized $14,951 during the bust.

“This was a significant arrest and the closure of a major heroin distribution operation,” Speziale said. “We appreciate the assistance between the agencies involved in stopping the flow of illegal heroin.”

Smallwood’s activities were uncovered through a surveillance operation setup outside a strip club on 1st Avenue and East 19th Street in Paterson following a tip.

Police were informed of drug dealing outside of the strip club.