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Sayegh eyes new logo, slogan to re-brand Paterson


Mayor Andre Sayegh is attempting to rehabilitate the city’s image by re-branding it with a new logo and slogan.

Sayegh had a small group from Manic Animatics make a presentation to the City Council on Tuesday night

At the center of the presentation was a new logo that meshed the iconic Great Falls and a cog to create a distinctive emblem.

“We don’t have a slogan,” said Sayegh. He is asking residents to vote on his social media page to select a new slogan.

Sayegh has five slogans on a drop-down list. He said voting closes on Friday and the new slogan will be announced on Monday.

The new logo and slogans will be used on marketing materials and billboards promoting the city, said the mayor.

Vote on the slogan by visiting the mayor’s Facebook page.

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  • peejay1954

    How quaint, a cog to represent the industry that once lead this former great city (70 years ago)
    as part of a new logo. More appropriate for today, how about a syringe and hand gun?