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Sheriff: Three arrested in Paterson drug bust


Three men were arrested in a Main Street drug bust on Monday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Dean Kousa, 23, of Wayne; Adam Omar, 20, of Fair Lawn; Roger Gulbrandsen, 58, of Paterson, were arrested when authorities established surveillance outside of 1023 Main Street. Detectives observed a black Nissan Altima occupied by Kousa and Omar appear at the scene and park in front of 1023 Main Street.

The driver, Kousa, and passenger, Omar, stayed in the car with tis engine idling, authorities said. A short time later, Gulbrandsen appeared in a black Range Rover. He met Omar.

Detectives observed an alleged drug transaction between Omar and Gulbrandsen. After the alleged purchase, Gulbrandsen sped out of the area.

Detective sergeant Americo Escobar, detectives Joseph Royce, and Ruben Rios followed Gulbrandsen.

Authorities tried to pull over Gulbrandsen on Pennsylvania and Florida avenues. He refused to stop. Detectives chased him, but the pursuit was halted due to heavy traffic when Gulbrandsen got onto Route 80 East.

A little later, detectives observed Gulbrandsen get off the ramp on Exit 61 in Elmwood Park, where he got stuck in traffic. Detectives approached his vehicle and he began swinging and striking them.

A struggle ensued as detectives tried to handcuff Gulbrandsen.

Gulbrandsen was subdued and ultimately handcuffed.  He was taken to Joseph Regional Medical Center for injuries sustained during the struggle and was later released.

He has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and two counts of resisting arrest, eluding officer.

Simultaneously, detective commander Stephan Lantigua and Jose Rosado followed Kousa and Omar as their vehicle departed the area. Their vehicle was pulled over at Getty and Buffalo avenues.

Detectives seized 14 cartridges of liquor marijuana, 13 clear bags of marijuana, and $635 in suspected drug money from Omar and Kousa, authorities said.

Omar and Kousa were each charged with possession, distribution, and distribution in a school zone.

  • John Brown

    Build a wall around Paterson. to keep the Suburban scum out !

    • Sanch

      I agree with you John. Their parents throw them or they are court ordered to treatment in "Paterson". I sure mean the come here to get their fix. Look at the panhandlersyou know they are not from here.

  • John

    Problem is too many low lifes in Paterson attract too many low lifes from other areas. Get rid of the Liberals and start putting away drug dealers with real sentences. Guiliani style!