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Why’s LeRoy Jones challenging John Currie for State Democratic Party chair?


I was deeply disturbed to read earlier this week that Essex County Chairman LeRoy Jones is considering running against State Party Chairman John Currie for the chairmanship of the state Democratic Party.

How can this be?

Under Chairman Currie’s inspiring leadership, the state Democrats have regained the governorship, built healthy majorities in the Assembly and Senate and kept control of the U.S. Senate seat.

In addition, the House of Representatives has a Democrat in every district but one. And did I mention that Chairman Currie bought the Democratic Party from being desolate financially to the point where the coffers are solid for years to come.

In addition, let’s remember what Chairman Currie did on a county level. When he became chairman in the early 90s every facet of county government was in Republican hands. Now, the county, thanks to Chairman Currie, has done an 180!

Chairman Currie has the support of Governor Murphy and several party chairs which includes Hudson, Sussex and Bergen. Why? Everybody knows that Chairman Currie is not only a nice human being but also a bridge builder. That’s why they are supporting him.

I’ve known Chairman Currie for many years and he is one of the most honorable man you’ll ever meet. He is progressive and looks out for the little fellow.

It is almost unprecedented that a state chairman would be challenged after all the success the party has witnessed in the last several years.  Democrats fighting one another is not a recipe for success.

I think it’s a damn shame that some people in our party who call themselves Democrats and have a personal agenda and vendetta can’t let go from the last gubernatorial election.

Also, let us not forget that LeRoy Jones was caught on tape allegedly assaulting an elderly man just three years ago at a polling station. Character matters.

Chairman Currie, I got your back.

Wayne Witherspoon
Paterson leader

  • Miss jamaica

    Maybe new leadership is needed.
    Voters are changing. New direction/ different vision for the state of nj . Just answering the question how can this be.