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Paterson police officers chase down man with revolver on Cianci Street


A city man was apprehended and a revolver was recovered following a foot chase down Cianci Street on New Year’s Day.

Malcolm Freckleton, 18-year-old, has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. He was among a large group of people gathered outside of the Question Mark II bar at 20 Van Houten Street at around 10:52 p.m.

Freckleton and the group were on the Cianci Street side of the bar blocking the entrance to the residential buildings.

Police officer Mohammad Bashir called for backup to disperse the large crowd. Police officers James Iandoli, Salvador Brancato, Jr., and Nuno Macedo converged on the scene.

Bashir and the officers approached the group. He observed Freckleton wearing a black ski mask half over his face with a heavy object in the right pocket of his sweat pants.

Freckleton tried to elude police by trying to enter the building, but the entrance was locked. He could not gain access because he did not reside at the building, police said. He then tried to walk away from the officers, but Bashir saw him open his zippered sweatshirt to expose the butt of a handgun.

Bashir alerted the other officers and Freckleton ran down Cianci Street. He saw the suspect hold the gun in his hand and ordered him to stop.

Police placed Freckleton in handcuffs outside 17 Van Houten Street following a brief chase.

Bashir recovered a Smith and Wesson 38 caliber revolver loaded with four Winchester rounds. A day earlier, Bashir recovered a handgun from a man on Pearl Street while canvassing the area for a robbery suspect.

“It’s not surprising that the same officer would be responsible for the last and first gun of the year recovered,” police director Jerry Speziale said on Wednesday night. “Great job.”

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    Great work Mohammad Bashir, and Officers of Paterson Police! We the law abiding citizens of Van Houten Street give you our respect and gratitude. The Question Mark II is a blight on Van Houten Street. Everyday they sell liquor after 10:00pm curfew, and sell liquor to minors. The have been fined, but make too much money doing so to cease the illegal sales. Furthermore, if the city would fix the retro styled street lights, inside, and around Costello Park, AND install surveillance cameras in Costello Park, the alcoholics and junkies would stop using the park, and its gazebo as their latrine. How can law abiding citizens of Van Houten Street, and of Paterson, use the park for recreation, and cultural activities (music, art, church/mosque/temple charities, etc.) when it stinks of urine and feces??