Police raid Paterson café where man and woman were wounded in shooting | Paterson Times

Police raid Paterson café where man and woman were wounded in shooting


The police arrested the owner of Besan Café, site of a shooting that left a man and woman wounded two weeks ago, early Saturday morning, according to police director Jerry Speziale.

Fadi M. Abuawad, 35, of Paterson, is accused of selling illegal hookah and possession of weapons, police said. His business was raided at around 1:25 a.m. after the city received complaints about the establishment from the community.

Upon entering the Besan Café at 210 East Railway Avenue, police and other city inspectors observed various ignited hookah pipes inside the establishment. Police seized 69 hookahs and various accessories from the location.

Police searched the business and discovered a BB gun, Pietro Beretta Model 84 FS Caliber 6mm, and a 16-inch machete.

Abuawad was charged with two counts of possession of a weapon and issued two ordinance violations for sale of hookah and smoking indoors, police said. $1,657 was confiscated from him and the business.

Abuawad had $1,154 in cash on his person and $503 in a cash register. Police seized the cash as proceeds from sale of illegal hookah.

The raid was conducted by police and fire. Fire department issued 20 violations to the business. Besan Café was forced to close, police said.

“I have a history of addressing illegal establishments and so I directed public safety officials to take action against Besan Cafe for various violations,” mayor Andre Sayegh said in a statement on Saturday. He closed the infamous Lava Lounge on Montclair Avenue while serving as a councilman.

Sayegh replaced the notorious hookah lounge with a daycare center for children.

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  • ibby omar

    So Andre you got to Indian Gate and promote hookah . You attend events at the bonfire . Just be fair Andre . If this is a way to make people forget about the real issues don’t worry I won’t forget . Some of those firefighters that participated in the raid won’t ha e a job soon and your worried about Besan cafe . Oh and BTw if you took a count every time you walked into bonfire and everyone you walked into besan cafe ; more felons hanging out at bonfire . Sorry Mr. Sayegh that’s a joke . I’m gonna call about the bonfire everyday I Better see an article about it . I don’t see you going into Going into Jacksonville …. I don’t see you going into Indian gate , which for some reason I see customers smoking hookah inside as well . Gotta he fair Andre

    • Ed O

      @ibbyomar:disqus HAHAHAHAHA way to let the world know you're a snitch.. This the type of dude that you smack him 1 time to talk and have to smack him like 20 to shut up.. bro get a life and stop hating on the next man..

      • ibby omar

        Lmfao snitch ? No I would never . I’m not even hating . I’m just saying what goes around comes around . You wanna smack me come see me buddy