Paterson landlord says it’s his ‘moral’ duty to make sure tenants have a warm place in the winter months | Paterson Times

Paterson landlord says it’s his ‘moral’ duty to make sure tenants have a warm place in the winter months


As a landlord my job is to provide livable housing conditions to my tenants. This cold temperature has been difficult for many of my tenants. There are busted water pipes, frozen pipes, and no heat in several locations.

I am the largest landlord in Paterson and I should lead by example. Most landlords take the high road and tell the tenants we are fixing the issue and we will be there. The problem is while we say we are fixing the issues and usually landlords are fixing the problem the tenants are the ones suffering. Having no running water and no heat is horrible to begin with but in the dead of winter with these conditions it makes it even worse.

I have 4 different licensed plumbing companies working almost round the clock to correct any issues. Our first priority is to get the heat and water working properly. After we get this completed, we WILL send the maintenance department back to fix leaking ceilings, damaged floors, and etc…

With this said by law we have to show that we are making every effort to fix an issue.  As we diligently look to correct any and all issues no matter how big or small they might be it is imperative that our tenants have a warm place to sleep and running water which are basic essentials that all people should have.

That is why I am offering a free hotel stay for any tenants who have no water and or no heat throughout the winter. This offer goes out to all current tenants no matter if they are behind in rent or not as one thing has nothing to do with the other. If I cannot fix the problem by end of business day, I will set up a hotel at one of the below three hotels.

Please note that by no heat I mean no heat. It is quick to label me a slumlord but I do not play the role of God. Temperatures are below freezing and yes, a lot of these properties have pipes frozen whether or not I owned them would be the same situation. Some tenants we visit to find they have their windows open, air conditioners in windows, and etc…

This offer is for tenants with one of these issues:

  • No heat, temperatures below 67-68 in their homes
  • No water
  • Busted pipes.

The hotels we will put them into is paid by us till we can correct the problem.

This offer is available throughout the winter months. As it is my moral, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility to do so.

The list of hotels is below:

Holiday Inn
One Route 46 West
Totowa, NJ 07512

Garden Plaza Hotel
129 Pehle Avenue
Saddlebrook, NJ 07663
(201) 845-7800

Holiday Inn Express Paramus
50 State Route 17
Paramus, NJ 07652.

Written by Charles Florio, owner of JCM Investors. His firm owns more than 1,000 apartments in Paterson.