Paterson municipal prosecutor accused of grabbing employee by the buttocks | Paterson Times

Paterson municipal prosecutor accused of grabbing employee by the buttocks


A municipal court employee has filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court alleging a prosecutor grabbed her by the buttocks during an open court session.

The woman, listed in the lawsuit by her initials, N.B., says the incident happened on Nov. 29, 2017. Her lawsuit says during the morning court session, Albert Asphall, who was working as a prosecutor, walked behind her and “cupped her buttocks near her genital area with his hand.”

Asphall then walked away without saying anything, according to the lawsuit.

Asphall could not be reached for comments on Friday morning. His boss law director Khalifah Shabazz also could not be reached for comments.

The woman reported the incident to court supervisor Gloria Schweitzer. The next day she reported the incident to court director Manuel Quiles.

Quiles put her in touch with assistant corporation counsel Rachel Nguyen. Nguyen had her complete a complaint form detailing the incident. She received a notice that an investigation would be taking place.

The lawsuit says no “proper investigation” was completed.

Asphall continues to work as a municipal prosecutor. He has been working for the city as an assistant corporation counsel for $86,600 since 2014, according to municipal records.

The woman, who began working for the city in October 2017, filed her lawsuit on Tuesday.

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  • Dominick Perez

    Did you read the article? It says she reported it to the supervisor. I agree with you though if he did do it he'll probably get away with it. There's one set of laws for these corrupt scumbags and another set of laws for us peasants.

    • SamiAm

      Patterson is corrupt they probably do this all the time specially the police officers you got a guy named Jackson who is the councilman who is robbing and selling liquor to under age kids Patterson is a joke

  • Miss jamaica

    She did however nothing was done.
    We protect the offenders all the time usually they have connection. Why the victim look like liars.
    This is how is works.