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Law takes aim at Paterson drive-through window panhandlers


The City Council is putting in place a new ordinance to prohibit panhandling at drive-through windows.

Public safety director Jerry Speziale told council members the measure is aimed at closing a loophole in a 2014 ordinance that forbid vagrants and others from blocking the entrance of a business.

But the five-year-old ordinance did not cover obstruction of drive-through and walk-up windows.

Violators face a maximum fine of $2,000, 90 days jail time, or 90 days of community service, according to the ordinance.

“This is the type of measure we need to focus on to ensure a better quality of life,” said Michael Jackson, 1st Ward councilman, chairman of the public safety committee.

Council members granted initial approval to the new law on Tuesday night. Council will hold a public hearing on Mar. 12 prior to a vote for final approval.

The measure is expected to be enacted without opposition.

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  • John Brown

    I see this guy on Cianci and Market st. every day and Night!

    • George Carreno

      And what? You do not help him? You find him annoying? Nice. Remember, that could be you, or one of your kids, or relatives.

      • John Brown

        why don't you drive down there and give me your money. because he needs to get high everyday.
        You idiot!!

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Stop giving them money, they just buy drugs and alcohol with them.

    • George Carreno

      You stop giving them money. When I have, ill give, Back Off.

  • Vindicated

    Why do I only see panhandlers in Paterson but not in other surrounding towns? Please can someone explain this.

    • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/350862588637007/ Ibbs John

      Because Paterson is flooded with drugs

      • George Carreno

        Then stay out of it and stop complaining. Dont like what you see? How about you try to help and not complain about them so much. You are more annoying then the Drugs and the people using them.

    • George Carreno

      Why don't you show your face so everyone can see it? I give homeless when I can. You find it ugly? When you are there, your gunna wish someone would give you anything, more than just a, get Out of Here!!

  • Miss jamaica

    Council members please look into ways to help these people. Don’t send the officers out just to arrest , some of these people have issues, needs
    Maybe we work with our social services dept to see where we can help,
    I talk with some of these people the story are real.
    These is a lot more this city can do than creating ordinance.
    I will not kick a person why they are down.
    Let’s find ways to help.
    I don’t think this is truly affected our quality of life.
    Let work with social work , the dept of health, community affairs, to see what must be done.

    • George Carreno

      Take a look at my reaction to the posts of these people that are writing on this topic.

  • ch0k30nm1ba775

    the problem with these negroids are still alive. exterminate the problem by hanguing them onto a tree and show them in public so others learn what would be their fate!

  • Gee Que

    What I'm Confused about is How U Gonna give them a $2,000 fine when they can't even afford to eat. I'm with Miss Jamaica on this, we need to help them not lock them up and fine them money that they don't have… That's stupid

  • Phil Mypockets

    Idk who ch0k30nm1ba775 is but you sound stupid… wtf is hanging someone from a tree gonna solve… I wish I knew who you were and I would hang your ass from one… but sadly you hide behind a name… you fucking faggot. These people need help and obviously so do you

  • Miss jamaica

    ch0k30nm1ba775 I hope your comment was meant as a bad joke
    Never kick a man when he is down
    Today for me tomorrow for you, you see today you don’t know what your tomorrow will be
    Losing your job can shift your finances so far you can turn to begging you just never know.
    Exterminate that somewhat extreme. I would say that to a person that molest and child but god begging. Also these beggars/ panhandler are not all black so if your comment is meant to be racist please take that back.
    More needs to be done for these people.
    Again I talk to some of them, before you tell them no offer to buy the food for them.
    This is my opinion.

  • George Carreno

    You don't LIKE seeing them? Who would you prefer to see, THEM, or DACA? DACA are illegal people who WE do NOT, know who THEY are. And are Illegal in OUR Country. How many Daca look DOWN, on OUR Homeless, and THEY, are NOT, Supposed to be here? See? You have the WRONG People in YOUR Sights!

    Look me Up, George Carreno and see what I have found. See what I see that is REALLY going on. Look me up, George Carreno. Scroll down the last posts, and see what has REALLY been going on. You do not like seeing the Homeless? Give them the Jobs that DACA are taking. THEY are DACA Shit! DACA CACA, CACA DACA!!! Those Panhandlers are Homeless, BLACK AND WHITE! Could be VOTERS, OF America. Dumbasses. You are going after the wrong kind of people.

    Want to give them a Job? Why do not the Police, and City give them Body Cams, and continue on with their lives? And get paid for being walking camera holders that Police can see through the body cams to see what is going on with them personally. Pay them for it. You WILL see, how they are REALLY treated. You are going after people that are Native born in America, when you should be worried about who other counties people are infiltrating OURS!!! WAKE UP!!!

    I mean, Italian People came on Ships, With Out Papers. Those were WOP's. These DACA,, Broke into OUR Country, ILLEGALLY!!!! New kind of WOP's? And these, came in hiing an army of people 2.5 million at a minumum? I mean, 800,000 came forwad to say that they were here and are demanding for them. If they each had two parents, that is 800,000 times 3. That equals, 2.5 million that we only know of, who else is here and how many? New WOP's? DACA CACA?

    What would you do if a Black Man broke into YOUR house? You would kill him right?

    What do you do to DACA that broke into YOUR Country where YOU were born in? Give them a Job?

    What is the Difference in DACA breaking into the Country, and a Black Man breaking into a House?

    Would you not want to kill them too? I mean, you do not know what they were really there for right?

    My Question is, Why not help those asking for help that are OURS, and WE ALL know it, Instead of those that ARE NOT OURS, and broke into OUR Country when we do not even know when, or How they got here?


    Put your sights on the Right People. Point YOUR FOCUS, in the right Direction.

    That Direction, NOT American Born People who do NOT belong in America, NOT, the American Born and raised People, who are just look for help to find a meal. And Just so it is said, I do not care if they take the money that I give them and they use it for Drugs.

    God watches over me and What I do, I did not care, what I gave money to the homeless for, I just gave it. It is the Homeless person in OUR Country. Remember, God does not sleep, and he always gives back.

    Remember that you are looking to screw your OWN, countrymen.

    Think about it. 3/16/2019 7:03pm I posted on Facebook before and I found it here again so I posted here as well.