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Paterson charter school director resigns amid sexual harassment allegations


Danny Necimo, director of the Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, who came under fire for allegedly sexually harassing and touching a female employee, has resigned.

Necimo’s resignation was confirmed by the charter school’s parent organization iLearn Schools of Fair Lawn on Wednesday afternoon.

“Mr. Necimo has resigned from the Paterson Arts and Science Charter School. He is no longer working for us,” said the spokeswoman for iLearn Schools.

Necimo did not respond to a call for comment on Wednesday morning.

His resignation comes after the Paterson Times reported about a lawsuit filed against him and the school by a former receptionist, identified by her initials as J.R., alleging he sexually touched her and engaged in a campaign of sexual harassment.

Some parents at the school were shocked by the allegations and began to demand answers from iLearn Schools.

“I still didn’t get the answers for the questions I had, and I feel like they should have told the parents what was happening,” said one parent.

Necimo allegedly sexually harassed the receptionist in 2017. When the woman complained to iLearn Schools, Necimo allegedly had her fired.

“Those look nice,” Necimo allegedly said to the receptionist. “I like big-breasted women.”

In another incident, Necimo allegedly grabbed her by the buttocks. In a third incident, he asked her to join him at the school’s conference room, shut the door, approached her from behind, grabbed her breast, took it out of the shirt, and tried to put his lips on her bosom, according to documents filed in court.

The woman pushed Necimo away. She told him if he touched her again, she would kick him in the “balls” and scream.

On yet another occasion, Necimo told the woman he would rip her apart.

“Your hands can do other things besides paperwork,” Necimo allegedly said to her. “Try my office sofa after school to see how comfortable it is.”

The woman resisted and told him to stop each time, says the lawsuit. Necimo, who would not stop, began a demeaning campaign against her for resisting. He called her “stupid” and “dumb.” He asked her if she was “f—king stupid?”

The receptionist told him he was being disrespectful and that she would report him to human resources.

She reported him to human resources. Necimo complained she was not doing her work. She was fired in Aug. 2017.

A month earlier, iLearn School renewed her contract for 12 months.

The woman, who has been identified by the Paterson Times, began working for the Paterson Arts and Science Charter School on Aug. 10, 2015. She resides in Paterson.

Former school board member Corey Teague, a critic of charter schools, said Necimo did the right thing by resigning from the post “in the interest of the school.”

The allegations against Necimo was picked up by the Turkish media because of his ties to the exiled Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen. The government of Turkey has targeted followers of Gülen after blaming the group for the failed 2016 coup against president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The iLearn Schools is affiliated with the Gülen movement, according to U.S. and Turkish media reports. However, a lawyer disputed the school’s association with the controversial Islamic scholar.

“Neither Paterson ASCS nor its management organization, iLearn Schools, has any affiliation with the ‘Gulen movement,’” said Brenda C. Liss, attorney for the Paterson Arts and Science Charter School.

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This report was updated with comments from Liss on Mar. 18, 2019.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    These Charter school administrator salaries are through the roof , their hiring practices are dishonest with H1B Visas for God knows who from Turkey, no teacher certs…there is no transparency and their is a system of vendors owned by iLearn over billing the taxpayers….yet the public schools face the layoffs

    • Dominick Perez

      Plenty of PPS teachers are banging their students lol. The corrupt unions ensure that they are almost impossible to fire, with their bloated salaries they are rewarded for failure.

      • DominqueBrazil

        I assure you that is not true, harming children is not acceptable in traditional public schools and they are investigated and punished- severely I might add. Whereas charter school teachers don't have to possess a College Degree or a certified licensed teaching credential. Charter Schools hate Unions and The Gulen Movement is a "project" gone bad it served a few purposes one was to money launder funds to the US State Department via Operation Gladio., and the other is to A) Dismantle unions B) conduct visa fraud making the Gulen movement the largest abuser of h1-b visa fraud even over Microsoft or Apple. Then the Gulen Movement would extort their salaries. Anyone with a brain can figure out that in 1998 Gulen was brought over to the USA in a private Gulf Stream Jet and was "groomed" "briefed" in Langley, Virgina before he settled into his current 26 acre estate valued at over $35 million – they had to have had help in fact Gulen's green card Appeal was signed by CIA and other assets as well as notorious Graham Fuller not to mention Marc Grossman. They opened their first charter school the following year in 1999 and by 2019 have oaver 170 publicly funded charter schools. No one does that without "inside help" nothing lasts forever. This will be quashed shortly

        • Dominick Perez

          You've assured me that you need to take off your tinfoil hat.

          • DominqueBrazil

            And you need to take off your Fez

          • Dominick Perez

            Oh that's clever! Are you racist against Turks?

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        The Union wont defend you if you commit a crime. Again baseless claims and lies…no facts…

        • Dominick Perez

          As your President would say, that's fake news. I guess you've never heard of rubber rooms.

          • MarquinhoGaucho

            rubber rooms are a thing of the past

          • Dominick Perez

            As your President would say, that's fake news. Problem teachers are warehoused and sit on their asses at full pay because the of corrupt unions it is nearly impossible to fire them for anything short of committing murder. MAGA 2020

          • DominqueBrazil

            Gulenist #SendGulenHome

          • DominqueBrazil


      • DominqueBrazil


  • Ray Grenade!!!

    Are all Charter School Directors perverts in Paterson?

  • Miss jamaica

    great news . Tax payers let our voice me heard that we will not stand for crime like these.
    To our victim I am with you. I will be paying a very close attention to your case.

    Also the two assistants need to resign also .

    • latish

      Miss, Thank you.!! She appreciates your support and values your opinion. She has the love and support of the parents and students and she couldnt be more thankful .
      The 2 assistants most be held accountable for too, the iLearn administration who runs this charter school knew she was being harrased the Human resouce team knew prior to her complaint and didnt do anything. There is more to this horrible case of discrimination and harrasment. Parents : be careful of any school run by iLearn Schools.